Four-Year College Would Be A Win-Win-Win For Payson


A couple of weeks ago I read in the Roundup that there is a strong possibility that little ol’ Payson just might become the benefactor of Mayor Evans’ hard work to bring a four-year college to our community. Wow! How exciting is that!

Imagine what it would mean to the Rim Country, economically and socially, to have a four-year school of higher education right here in Payson. If you’re thinking like I am, this is a win-win-win situation.

To those of us who were fortunate enough to attend college — do you remember your good old college days? Do you remember the intellectual challenge of the classroom, the good feeling of responsibility of being on your own and the maturity you gained just by being on campus for four (or five or six) years?

Nah, I don’t remember any of those things either. But I do remember staying up until the wee hours of the night playing cards, cutting class, sleeping in, getting “psyched” for the next weekend’s “kegger” and having cold pizza for breakfast the following morning. Yes, those were the good school days of college!

And speaking of the good old “school days” of yesteryear, that leads me into this week’s music trivia question, which is: Can you name the recording artist of the 1957 hit, “School Day”?

This rock ’n’ roll artist was born in 1926 in St. Louis, Mo. and is acclaimed as one of rock’s most influential artists.

Of all the early breakthrough rock ’n’ roll artists, none is considered more important to the development of rock ’n’ roll music than this artist. He was its greatest songwriter, the main shaper of its instrumental voice and one of its greatest guitarists and greatest performers.

He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1984 and was inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Some of this artist’s top hits were “Maybellene,” “Sweet Little Sixteen,” “Johnny B. Goode” and his 1972 No. 1 hit, “My Ding-A-Ling” (a term my fiancee, Ann, probably thinks of me as).

Is this 1950s-1960s Rock ’n’ Roller: A) Bill Haley, B) Buddy Holly, C) Chuck Berry or D) Marty Putnam?

If you are caller number five this week and have the correct answer, you will win a gift certificate for a free, one-hour massage from Shannon at Head to Toe Essentials on the north Beeline Highway. Wouldn’t that be a treat!

Now, let’s check out how we did with last week’s question, which was: Can you name the country music star who recorded the 1977 hit, “Dancing The Night Away?”

In May 1972, at the age of 13, she recorded her first Billboard charted hit, “Delta Dawn.” Two of her other big hits were “If It Don’t Come Easy” and “What’s Your Mama’s Name?”

Is this country music artist: A) Tammy Wynette, B) Tanya Tucker, C) Reba McEntire or D) Deb Rose?

The correct answer was B) Tanya Tucker.

Popular country star, Tammy Wynette, began her recording career in the late 1960s and continued to chart hits until the late 1990s.

Singer and actress Reba McEntire began her music career in the mid 1970s and is still going strong today, with her latest country hit, “Strange,” sitting at No. 12 on this week’s Billboard country chart.

Aspiring country music singer, Deb Rose, is currently employed by the Payson Parks and Recreation Department and deserves a big round of applause for assembling this year’s “Concert Under the Stars” summer concert series at Green Valley Park. Way to go, Deb!

Congratulations to this past week’s music trivia winner, Carole White. Carole, who really knows her music, is a regular caller and is a five-time winner. For her winning call, Carole received a gift certificate for a free haircut from Kristine at the Head to Toe Salon on the north Beeline Highway.

Lastly, I just want to say what a wonderful time was had by all at last Saturday night’s family dance at the LDS church, as part of the church’s Pioneer Days. The gym was filled with the young and young-at-heart — two-stepping, swinging and electric sliding the night away. It was great to see so many Payson teens (and their parents, too) having so much fun at a family-oriented event.

You can check out pictures from the Pioneer Days dance on my Web site.

God bless.


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