Pine Country Animal Clinic Now On Call 24 Hours



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Pine Country Animal Clinic veterinarians Patti Blackmore and Amy LeRoux discuss a dog’s chart.

It’s something you hope you’ll never need, a 24-hour vet to look after your cat, dog or horse in a medical emergency.

For years, Payson residents either drove their pets to the Valley for an emergency in the middle of the night or called the only vet on call in town, Sandra Snyder at Payson Pet Care.

However, there is another place to bring your wounded friend, Pine Country Animal Clinic, at 401 W. Main St.. The clinic recently hired an additional veterinarian and expanded its services to include 24-hour on-call service.

“We saw a need for 24-hour veterinarian care and heard a cry from the community for it,” said Pine Country Animal Clinic veterinarian Patti Blackmore.

Blackmore, who has served the Rim Country as a vet for almost the last 10 years and been on Main Street since October 2002, could not as a mother and full-time veterinarian be on call 24/7.

“I could not do it all,” she said.

So, Blackmore hired Amy LeRoux, 35, fresh out of Colorado State University’s veterinarian school to serve off-hour needs.

LeRoux said she always knew she wanted to be a vet, but wanted to broaden her background before working full time.

For 10 years, LeRoux worked in various professions but never strayed far from the medical field. Some of her more adventurous jobs include working with the ski patrol in Vail, researching humpback and right whales in Massachusetts and as an emergency medical technician in Colorado Springs. She also worked as a research assistant with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services and in various veterinarian clinics.

“When I got her resumé I realized I not only wanted to hire her, I wanted to be her,” Blackmore said.

LeRoux said she is excited to work in Payson and provide a service badly needed.

Already in her brief employment at the clinic, she has seen multiple animals hit by cars, bit by snakes or experiencing seizures.

LeRoux’s talents add to the clinics laundry list of services, which range from surgeries, in-home euthanasia, hospice care, chemotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, digital X-rays, pain management and a full, in-house lab.

“We want people to know we heard their cry for emergency services and we are here to make people’s lives easier and their pets better,” Blackmore said.

For more information, call (928) 468-6030 or visit


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