Senator Kyl Should Refrain From Health Care Vote



I am asking for equal time. Senator Kyl has had over 1,000 words printed in your paper over the last two weeks, arguing his side. I would like to argue mine.

I call on Senator Kyl to recuse himself from voting on issues before the Senate concerning health care for this nation. Sounds like a sweeping statement from someone you do not know, this citizen without credentials. What citizen could ask the senator to recuse his voting on certain bills and amendments before the senate? But his recusal is the only right thing for this senator to do.

I will show how his vote on health care bills is a conflict of interest. Senator Kyl spent seven times what the average senatorial campaign spent to get re-elected in 2006 — $16 million! Much of that money came from health care providers, law firms, lobbyists and PACs, some working on behalf of health care providers. Providers like TriWest Healthcare, Health Alliance, Center for Health Transformation, Health Professionals and GlaxoSmithKline.

These companies and others have become rich from health care for “profit.” They do not want Americans to have a government option. Would you if you were getting rich?

You and I might have voted for him, but it was the $16 million that got him re-elected. Does he owe us his best judgment, his caring for our needs, or is his best judgment like gravity, pulling him toward decisions already made by implication?

You will hear his arguments that show a concern that a new program like cap and trade or universal health care will hurt the poor and working class. Do not buy that argument.

The senator and the Republicans, a majority in Congress for 12 years, showed their concern for the working class by voting only a 90-cent minimum wage increase in that entire 12 years. Worker — vote for me, but do not ask for my help.

Let’s face this one fact, Jon Kyl is a “big business” senator. His belief that big business is what is good for America comes from a flawed premise that what is good for big business will trickle down to the poor and working class of America.

Big business and PACs like Club for Growth, law firms, lobbyists, companies in health care and military contractors like Raytheon and wealthy individuals from these same companies are his true constituency. His voting record is testament to that.

This is why he must recuse himself. He has created a conflict of interest by taking their money. His vote is tainted.

Don Wickstrom


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