Stories for June 2009


Tuesday, June 30

Arizona big game super raffle deadline extended

You still have a chance to win one of the nation’s most prestigious hunts — the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle deadline for 2009 has been extended to July 12.

Tribute to Grandpa Ed Blose part of motocross

Payson Motocross racing July 4 and 11 at the Payson Event Center will feature a tribute too “Grandpa” Ed Blose, who died in March.

Elks golf tournament provides clothes for needy children

The summer golf calendar is filled with a myriad of benefit tournaments, but only a handful encompass such a worthy cause as the Arizona Elks Association Social Welfare Clothe-a-Child event.

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Horns wrestling camp ends with a swim

90 high schoolers take part in intensive conditioning

Almost 90 aspiring high school wrestlers were looking forward to a cooling swim in one of the state’s most scenic spots. The aquatic respite would also mark the conclusion of the Payson Intensive Wrestling Camp.

New PHS coach wants runners back on top

Jonathon Ball named Longhorn track and cross-country leader

Most everyone who spends a few minutes talking with newly appointed Payson High School track and cross-country coach Jonathon Ball leaves convinced he’s the one to return the programs to the statewide prominence they once enjoyed.

Valley residents keep economy afloat

This time of year, as our highways become clogged, we frequently hear references to the “flatlanders” that visit their second homes in the Rim Country.

Pastor Steve Desanto training to become a police chaplain

A police officer often sees more in a day than a person will see in a lifetime.

LL all-star teams start play this week

Let the games begin.

County Probation Department holding community forum

Join the Gila County Probation Department for the first Community Forum held in Payson on Wednesday, July 22 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Payson Town Hall, 303 N. Beeline Highway.

Thanks for helping clean up East Verde River

I would like to thank all of the people who showed up and assisted in the cleanup day at the East Verde River on June 13.

We will be safer with universal health care

Why do they call fire houses by company names? Answer: Fire houses were companies owned by corporations — Ben Franklin started the Union Fire Company.

Dog owners are responsible

A walk in “The beauty of Payson’s pine country,” as was stated by Ms. Kelly, is definitely enjoyable, however, I believe it does not provide a right to access private property.

Give credit to animal lovers

I was just reading the story about the man complaining about the veterinarians in town. I feel his pain as far as being financially strapped. I am in the same boat just like so many others.

Here’s the blame

The Republican majority in the Arizona legislature has blamed the federal government for many problems in the past that it has been unable or unwilling to solve.

Legislature needs to do its job better

There has been so much indecision by our legislature, we have no idea what to expect in the coming days.

Tournament thank you

On behalf of the Payson FAN (Friends and Neighbors) Club, I would like to thank all those who participated and donated their time, prizes and money for the sixth annual Jack Morris Memorial Golf Tournament.

School board weighs controversial cupcakes

Here’s the most irritating thing about kids.

Rodeo parade winners named

Earlier this month the winners of the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee Gary Hardt Memorial Spring Rodeo Parade were announced.

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Where’s the fish?

State budget impasse could prevent Tonto Creek Hatchery from releasing 5,000 fish

Something fishy going on here — and oddly enough it’s down in Phoenix, not at the Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery.

Views do not reflect the majority

Regarding the June 26 article “Bankruptcy filing leaves Rim, Chaparral Pines in limbo”: Mr. Drury’s comments were inaccurate and partly untrue. He does not speak for the majority at Chaparral Pines, nor does he have any authority to make any such comments about a private club.

Couple wants Star Valley to enforce town parking rules

When the Snyders moved into their home in Star Valley they never thought they would have to fight the town to enforce its own code.

Word ‘owner’ should be replaced by ‘guardian’ when it comes to pets

A recent AP poll found that half of all Americans “consider their pets as much a part of the family as any other person in the household.” But the article referred to these caring individuals as “owners.” If Americans consider their animals equal family members, is “owner” truly the appropriate term to use?

Does America really want a dictator?

Maybe a few facts will help.

Thanks to donors who helped parks and recreation

As you are aware, in January of this year the Friends of Payson Parks & Recreation (FPPR) initiated a drive to raise funds to help pay part-time salaries for the folks necessary to run the town’s recreation programs.

Humans should come before animals

$50,000 is needed for the Humane Society so they can continue their mission of providing shelter, health care, neutering and treatment for animals. But a no-kill shelter only perpetuates an already serious problem with animal overpopulation.

Around Rim Country

Last day to enter Xeriscape contest

The High Country Xeriscape Council Waterwise Landscape Contest is in full swing. There are two categories — residential and commercial.

Cupcakes called ‘most fun thing,’ survive school ban idea

Cupcakes topped Monday night’s meeting as Payson Unified School District Board members indulged in sugary-sweet irony.

Volunteers, donors save parks programs

Friends group prepares to mount renewed fund-raising drive to save kids programs

Six months ago, Payson’s parks and recreation programs faced devastation in the form of bone-deep budget cuts that had eliminated all the part-time and seasonal positions.

Secure and decorative fence sought for PHS

Candy cane spikes or squares? The new fence around Payson High School will likely feature decorative wrought iron-like shapes, along with a chain link.

Cliff diving and drinking don’t mix

A 35-year-old man injured his arm at a popular swimming and diving hole June 22 after reportedly falling from a 30-foot cliff.

Rim Country 4th promises music, food, fireworks

An old-fashioned, small-town celebration is in the works for the Fourth of July.

Consultant’s county contract is questioned

Supervisor Tommie Martin says Harry Jones’ old 2003 contract still in place, Supervisor Shirley Dawson not so sure

Water consultant Harry Jones has billed the county for 134 hours of work since January, yet some wonder if he even has a contract.

Student resource officer of the year

Sgt. Mike Fane was recently named the WE-TIP school resource officer of the year for 2008-2009.

Four adult hikers rescued off of Hell’s Gate Trail

Seven miles into the Hell’s Gate Trail, four adults had to be rescued Saturday evening after becoming dehydrated.

Attorney general introduces Senior Sleuth program

Senior Sleuths is a new effort of the attorney general’s office to help Arizona seniors protect themselves, and to prevent others from becoming victims of fraud and abuse.

Bob Mykleby wins fire hydrant award

After a phony hydrant duped firefighters in May, Fire Marshal Bob Lockhart ordered removal of all “decorative hydrants” from town streets.

Online Social Security applications are a new freedom to celebrate

Every American knows that July 4th is Independence Day — a day for celebrating our nation’s independence and the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans.

Financial adviser lends expertise at seminar

Ross Hage of the financial services firm Edward Jones knows what it takes to be successful in the financial services industry.

Crews work to reopen batting cages

For the past six years the batting cages at Airline and the Beeline Highway sat empty. Time took its toll on the cages with nets falling down, poles bending over and weeds growing up where feet once played.

Saturday, June 27

What to expect the week of June 29

SR 87 Safety Improvements Payson to Pine

Native fish cam at Bubbling Ponds honored with award

The intriguing “Native Fish Cam” at the Bubbling Ponds Fish Hatchery operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department has been honored with Earth Cam’s Top 10 Cam award.

Payson area artists honored in Phippen Museum show

Two Payson area artists brought home honors from the Phippen Museum’s 35th Annual Western Art Show and Sale over Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, June 26

Around Rim Country

Free concert in the park Saturday

The Summer Concert in the Park series continues Saturday, June 27 with Moonshine Mafia, featuring southern rock and country.

Ex-Longhorn wrestlers come back to help out

It was welcome home week in the old Payson High School gymnasium.

GCC to furlough staff four days each month

Gila Community College’s Senior Dean Stephen Cullen told the board Thursday that the college will save $526,000 by furloughing administrative and support staff four days each month.

Water forever says Walker

Payson will have plenty of water for even a population of 44,000 when Blue Ridge pipeline delivers in 2016

“We should be OK forever,” said Payson Water Department Director Buzz Walker of the town’s water supply — providing the town never has more than about 50,000 residents.

Turning spigots, changing ideas

Turn the tap. Fill the glass. Drink deep. So easy — deceptively so.

Help keep our forest clean

A couple of weeks ago the Roundup ran a story about the cleanup efforts of the East Verde River and the incredible amount of trash that was removed.

Retired police officer goes back to work

After working for the Payson Police Department for nearly three decades, it is no surprise that when Sgt. Todd Bramlet could finally retire in March, he could not tear himself from the organization that had strongly shaped his life and personality.

Mountain lion spotted in Hunter Creek area

A mountain lion has been spotted in Hunter Creek. Jo Armistead has heard the cat over the last two weeks and Ralph and Dottie Christofferson said every morning it wakes them up below their home making an awful sound.

Summer reading for the 21st Century

The classics were written hundreds of years ago, but we can enjoy them even more with modern-day convenience.

Investment tips for single parents

When it comes to investing, single parents share basically the same concerns as two-parent families.

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For the love of golf

Bob Purkey hopes to teach kids something they can keep with them the rest of their life — the love of golf. For the second year, Purkey has a four-week opportunity to instill this passion and maybe a little discipline along the way.

Anonymous Bear Flat camper ignores no shooting signs

Summer is now in full swing.

Don’t understand the rhetoric

Did anyone but me have trouble marrying meaning with rhetoric in Pastor Mike Amundson’s letter to the editor last Friday?

Friends and neighbors were a big help during illness

What a blessing friends and neighbors can be.

Community needs to go to legislature to help GCC

I wish to commend you for your editorial “GCC board needs more control.” You point to long standing problems in the way the laws were set up governing community colleges in Arizona. Perhaps the rules governing provisional community colleges seemed to make sense, but history has proven them to be deeply flawed, and we in Gila County, and Payson in particular, are paying the price.

Hold dog owners responsible

About some dog owners not being held responsible (re: letter to the editor from Kathleen Kelly, June 19 Roundup), I think they should be held responsible for it. Either that or they should put a leash on the dog or put a fence up.

Camper warning

While camping at Woods Canyon Lake’s Spillway campground recently, I had my Honda 2000 generator stolen in the middle of the night. It was attached to my motor home with a heavy steel cable which was cut.

Woes of Payson

Fellow residents and citizens of Payson, just how much abuse are we expected to endure from the so-called “powers that be” in this town?

Too much of a hurry?

What is our little town coming to when one neighbor almost runs another neighbor over?

Zoning should not be changed

This is a commentary of the article covering the proposed Underwood rezoning.

Fifteen-year-old dies while hiking in West Clear Creek Canyon

A 15-year-old Boy Scout from Las Vegas died Saturday while hiking in a canyon east of Camp Verde.

Offensive music, words lead to three arrests

An altercation that broke out in the Walmart parking lot Wednesday night over racially offensive music ended with three arrests, police said.

Some duty assignments are just a bit different

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a very young Army corporal who was sent over to the American Embassy in Karachi by mistake. It was not supposed to happen.

Tonto Tribe pays for school sidewalks

A no-strings gift from the Tonto Apache Tribe will enable Payson to complete sidewalks around Payson High School and Rim Country Middle School.

Bankruptcy filing leaves Rim, Chaparral Pines in limbo

Owners and employees left wondering about future

A bankruptcy filing has left Rim Golf Club members and employees in limbo as negotiations take place on the continued operation of the facility, which is complicated by not one, but two bankruptcy filings.

Healthier, wetter national forest is helping wildlife

Watching those thunderheads build in the latter half of May and the late spring rains that followed were certainly a welcomed sight. Most locations under the Rim received a total of 2 inches of moisture, while the area on top of the Mogollon had over 4 inches in the rain bucket.

Torrens, O’Neill join to win women’s tourney

Susan Torrens and Kelly O’Neill hooked up to win first-place honors in one of the Payson Women’s Golf Association’s premier summer classics.

Hall of fame coach yearned for Longhorn football job

Over the years, I’ve met many of his ex-players and they wear the “I played high school football for Jesse Parker” label like a huge badge of honor.

Golf tourney raises thousands in scholarship money

The Jack Morris Memorial Golf Tournament was a success attracting 13 foursomes and earning thousands of dollars for great causes.

Bears, javelina make unwanted visits to residents

Recently a number of residents around Payson have had unwanted visits by bears and javelina.

Mike Vogel rotates into Payson’s vice mayor position

Town councilor Mike Vogel was appointed last week by a unanimous council to the largely ceremonial position of Payson vice mayor. He succeeds Councilor Ed Blair.

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Women’s services at PRMC get high-tech boost

Payson Regional Medical Center took a giant leap forward in its Healthy Woman services recently. PRMC has added Selenia™ digital mammography from Hologic™ to the growing array of imaging resources it has available to Rim Country residents.

A new ‘Aversive Conditioning Tool’

Alan Armistead was at my ranch at Canyon Creek, NM for the second time that spring of 2001 to investigate wolf attacks on livestock.

Happy ending for Gia; siblings still here

Gia was the first to arrive. We had heard through the grapevine that there was a litter of 12.

Small Café switching up dinner scene

One of Payson breakfast institutions, the Small Café, is switching gears and menus to stay afloat in the economic times.

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Camp brings softball players to Rumsey Park

Sun Devil camp attendees come from as far away as Indiana

A stroll through the Rumsey north parking lot reveals many parked cars and trucks sporting out-of-state license plates — New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and even Indiana.

Wednesday, June 24

Dietary tips to keep seniors going strong

When it comes to our bodies, age has no bearing on how attentive we should be with respect to what we eat. No one is ever too young or too old to disregard their diet.

Help comes from all sides at Rim Country Health

Health care professionals going the extra mile to help their patients is not an unusual event in the Rim Country. The area is blessed with men and women of all ages willing to step up and do more than the routine to help the people in their care.

Payson Care Center celebrates life

Recognizing the medical and long-term care needs of many Payson residents, Life Care Centers of America chose to build Payson Care Center in the early 1980s.

Wandering a common problem

Tips for keeping track of confused loved ones

Senior citizens are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, and many are healthy, vivacious individuals. However, it is estimated that 16 million elderly people in this country have Alzheimer’s disease, a debilitating condition marked by memory loss, confusion and trouble communicating.

Welcome to the 2009 Senior Review

Each year, the Payson Roundup brings the residents of the Rim Country this special publication highlighting senior living.

Tips for seniors on fixed incomes

Few issues have garnered more headlines in recent months than the drastic events that are plaguing the nation’s financial institutions.

Senior Center’s soggy start helps services grow

The Payson Senior Center had a soggy start to 2009. Pipes broke in the ceiling above the kitchen and flooded the place.

Senior Circle honors volunteers, 10th anniversary

The Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle honored volunteers for their work in 2008 at a special event May 29. The luncheon program was presented at PRMC with great food by Deb Kalahar and Kristy River of the dietary staff.

Different name, high quality of care the same

The name is new — Hospice Compassus — but Rim Country residents will find the high quality of care is the same. RTA Hospice became Hospice Compassus recently, but the name change has not had an impact on the services it provides to people in the last stages of life and their loved ones.

Ways to help elderly celebrate independence

When Independence Day arrives, many people overlook the true meaning of the holiday and are concerned with hosting a big barbecue, lighting fireworks and attending parades.

Apache-Sitgreaves releases draft of land management

he public is encouraged to look at the Working Draft Land Management Plan for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) that is now available for review. The ASNFs is in the process of revising the current land management plan written in 1987.

Beaver Valley, Whispering Pines firefighters hold joint practice

Training is the key to speed and efficiency when Rim Country fire departments respond to emergencies. That includes the ability for two or more departments to work together as a cohesive unit.

Payson puts Cedar Lane work on hold

Payson has halted all work on setting up a controversial street-paving improvement district on Cedar Lane while homeowners work out alternatives.

Tuesday, June 23

Club ASU hopes to build local interest in attending college

Arizona State University has arrived in Payson, thanks to the efforts of local volunteers and excited middle- and high-school students.

Food drive reaps big results

Realtors from the Prudential Arizona Properties office in Payson collected 35 bags of food totaling 460 pounds for the local food bank earlier this month.

Time is running out on $8,000 tax credit

We recently attended a seminar, and one of the discussions centered upon the First Time Homebuyer’s Tax Credit.

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New coach won’t fix what is not broken

Matt Mayo named as Longhorns’ new football coach

The search for a Payson High School football coach has finally ended.

Growth will link Rim and Valley

ASU experts predict fresh growth will concentrate population, challenge education, but praise Rim Country’s advance planning

Once the recession recedes, Arizona will likely resume rapid growth that will increasingly make Rim Country a satellite of a “megalopolis” stretching from Phoenix to Tucson, said Nancy Welch, assistant director of the ASU-based Morrison Institute

Pinal wants to break up with Gila County

They’ve been going steady for 30 years, but Pinal and Gila counties’ differences might make for a breakup. Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn pushed Friday to create a group to study whether the two counties in the Central Arizona Association of Governments should stay together.

Home run derby should be a delight once again

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department is hosting of myriad of summer activities sure to tickle the delights of both the young and old.

Beaver Valley takes step to start water district

Beaver Valley’s “one-man” water company could turn into a water district with an elected board if the current proposal passes county muster.

Plan critiques Main Street clutter

Consultant’s bold design replaces ‘scorched earth’ landscaping, but town lacks money to realize vision

Payson’s Main Street alternates between “scorched earth” landscaping and clusters of signs so thick “you can’t see what’s going on,” said Angela Dye, the town’s landscape and design consultant.

Tuition increase, cuts on GCC board agenda

The Gila Community College board will meet Thursday to discuss possible cuts and a potential 30-percent increase in tuition.

Relay for Life thanks sponsors, participants

The 2009 Relay for Life Committee would like to thank all of our sponsors, participants and the members of the community who helped make this year’s American Cancer Society fund-raising event such a success in these difficult times.

Humane Society is important

Has anyone ever watched “Animal Cops” on the Animal Planet?

Thanks to swim meet sponsors

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity in sponsoring the Payson Community Swim Meet on May 30th: Payson Apothecary Pharmacy, Payson Physical Therapy, Rim Sight & Sound, Jason Giarrizzo of West USA Realty, Anderson Dental, Safeway and Pioneer Title Agency.

Thank you from the family of Kelly Enerson

We wish to thank hospice, the doctors and nurses, for the excellent care given to Kelly while he was going through his surgery, treatments and hospital care during his illness. Also to everyone for the cards, gifts, phone calls and food brought to our home. Thanks to all who ckecked on Kelly and asked about him at the Beauty Mart and every person for their kind prayers.

Response to harsh words

As the judges of the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee parade, we would like to bring the following to your attention and also the attention of Sharron Skill, Payson Rodeo Reunion, Inc. entry after her harsh words were printed.

How to use a name

Our glorious leader should have used the name, commissar in place of czars, which would be more in keeping with his agenda and situation.

Humane Society is dedicated group

My family and I first moved to Payson in 1969 and I have never known of a more dedicated group than those who serve the Humane Society.

Thanks to Down the Street gallery

On behalf of the Humane Society of Central Arizona, I would like to thank Down the Street Art Gallery and all the artists who donated toward the silent art auction.

Thanks for help with silent auction benefit

Down The Street Art Gallery hosted its second silent auction for the Humane Society on First Friday on Main Street, June 5.

For the town council

Please help us who love our town and do not want it to become overrun with stray animals. The Humane Society is doing a super job of caring for and finding homes for dogs and cats that would otherwise be roaming our neighborhoods. We owe a debt of gratitude to all those who perform such a valuable service for Payson.

Races draw many out-of-town visitors to Rim Country

Within the past two weeks, the Payson Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department has put on two wildly successful races in Payson — the Payson Area Trails System (PATS) “Circle the Peak” National Trails Race on June 6 and the 4th Annual Payson Sprint Triathlon on June 13. Both of these events not only provided a fun and enjoyable competition and atmosphere for participants, but also drew a high percentage of out-of-town visitors to the Rim Country.

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank thanks players and sponsors

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank gratefully says “thank you” to our golf tournament sponsors and players. We wish to thank the following individuals and companies for their generous support of our eighth annual “Tee Off for Hunger” golf tournament that was held April 25.

Biggest fight for freedom is over health care rights

Right now, as you read this letter, politicians in Washington are scheming behind closed doors to impose a massive government-run health care system on the American people. This will be a $1.6 trillion cost to taxpayers for the “down payment” on this plan.

Happy to be in Payson

My husband has been moved to Powell House here in Payson from Mesa.

GCC board needs more local control

Gila Community College’s recently approved popcorn budget — airy and without substance — is indicative of a broader problem. The college has no autonomy.

Around Rim Country

Meet the merchants of Main Street

Come out to meet some of the merchants of Main Street at a special Main Street mixer from 5:15 p.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 24. Those attending are asked to bring finger foods to share, and their choice of beverage to Down the Street Art Gallery, 703 W. Main St.

Stroup quit council post on sister’s behalf

A week after resigning from the Star Valley council, Nathalie Stroup explains what drove her to leave

Star Valley Town Councilor Nathalie Stroup said she resigned last week after the town reportedly treated her sister unfairly.

Neighbors protest zoning change

School board member’s plan to turn two-acre lots into one-acre lots would ruin neighborhood say protesters

The council enjoyed one of those “only in Payson” moments last week, when angry neighbors crowded town hall to complain that turning seven two-acre lots into 14 one-acre lots would ruin the peaceful, rural nature of the neighborhood.

Woman dies in cycle accident

Husband injured in crash in Camp Verde

A beloved Walgreens cashier was killed Thursday afternoon near Camp Verde while riding a motorcycle with her husband.

Global warming will impact Rim

Federal study projects a 4-10 degree temperature increase in the Southwest

Best we finish the Blue Ridge pipeline, thin those spindly forests, keep all our fire insurance policies up to date. Oh, yeah, and don’t get too fond of pinon pines.

Brooke boss, PSWID to meet in open meeting

In one of the more bizarre twists to occur in the cantankerous water war between Brooke Utilities President Bob Hardcastle and the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District, Hardcastle has requested a meeting with no lawyers present.

Jessi James second in roping, joins Haught at rodeo finals

After more than a week’s delay, the results of the Arizona State High School Rodeo championships have been tabulated.

Airport president protests $30,000 sewer hookup fee

The head of the group running the Payson Airport argued in vain against a $30,000 sewer hookup fee, which the town sprang on the independent group without any warning.

Doctor goes from treating PHS athletes to Olympic volunteer

For the past four years Dr. Olivia Morris has been caring for Payson High School athletes treating just about every type of injury imaginable.

Lindsey, Vincent win golf tourney

The performances of Troy Neal and Herb Sherman in the Payson Men’s Golf Association Two-Man Best-Ball Championships might leave some wondering why the two didn’t once coach high school golf rather than basketball.

Matching funds for Humane Society grant achieved

The Humane Society of Central Arizona is pleased to announce the generous matching funds offer of $5,000 from an anonymous donor has been met.

Join the Senior Center

I admit, I don’t know either the words or lyrics to any contemporary music, nor do I recognize the artists’ names, but I was in seventh heaven a week or so ago

Thanks for making Square Dance Festival a success

We want to say “thank you” to the members of Zane Grey Twirlers Square Dance club for all your help in making our 29th Annual Square Dance Festival a success

Fifteen Year-Old Boy Dies While Hiking in canyon

A 15-year-old Boy Scout from Las Vegas died Saturday while hiking in a canyon east of Camp Verde.

Friday, June 19

Construction on Highway 87 between Payson, Pine begins June 22

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will begin construction of a project to improve State Route 87 between Payson and Pine on June 22.

Gambling on gardening in the Rim Country

Gardening is always a gamble. It’s a partnership with Mother Nature, said Annie Spencer, one of the participants in the Payson Community Garden project.

Some dog owners not being held responsible

Last week I was attacked by a pack of dogs. An animal control officer took a report. The dog owner was not asked to show proof of rabies shots for his four dogs, nor was he cited.

Point Fire reporting appreciated

I would like to thank you for your coverage of the Point Fire.

Disc golf tournament comes back to Rumsey Park for the third time

Several years ago, Jerry Novak surprised many by predicting disc golf, a sport normally played in larger metropolitan areas with huge parks, would someday become a popular recreational offering in the Rim Country.

Sometimes you only think you are out of trouble

We were there to see the magnificent stained glass windows high up above the altar in the chapel of Kings College in Oxford.

Seeking birds, finding a father

The wind rustled through the spiny oak leaves as my father and I read the small sign beside the paved trail, which explained the greatest variety of birds occurs at the edge of two habitats — like oak woodlands and the grasslands.

Payson 4th promises music, fun, fireworks

An old-fashioned, small-town celebration is in the works for the Fourth of July.

June is Adopt a Shelter Animal Month

It’s another busy day here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona.

One busy weekend in Pine, Strawberry

Many folks entered to win the quilt “Arizona Mountain Home” depicting the four seasons in the Rim Country at the Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show. Last week’s festivities in Pine and Strawberry proved to be every bit as fun and exciting as promised. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many people in Pine and they kept streaming in non-stop throughout the weekend.

Bags are packed and leaving on a jet plane

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go ... kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you’ll wait for me ... I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” You may remember that those are some of the lyrics to Peter, Paul & Mary’s 1969 No. 1 hit, “Leaving On A Jet Plane.”

There was more than one way to pass the test

The military was a considerable change for an independent young cowboy from Payson. It wasn’t so much I couldn’t have adjusted as it was I was just a little mule-headed.

Neighborhoods sought to take part in National Night Out activities

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, neighborhoods throughout Payson are invited to join forces with thousands of communities nationwide for the 26th Annual National Night Out (NNO) crime and drug prevention event.

Payson student graduates Smith College

2005 Payson High School graduate Tina Jackson graduated May 17 from Smith College in Northampton, Mass. with a bachelor’s degree in Italian studies and a minor in chemistry.

Hiller Graduates

Sarah Morgan Hiller (maiden name Meyocks) graduated Saturday, June 13, from the University of Washington Seattle.

Tease photo

Payson cowboy earns title shot

Payson cowboy Trevor Haught advances to the National High School Rodeo Association finals as the Arizona state bareback champion.

Sun Devil softball camp has 50 participants signed up

After an anxious month in which registration lagged and Payson’s inaugural Sun Devil Softball Camp was teetering on cancellation, sign-ups jumped to over 50.

300 show up for sports club expo

The Third Annual Tonto Rim Sports Club Expo held June 7 turned into an overwhelming success attracting more than 300 inquisitive visitors.

Stars aligning for a great Father’s Day fishing adventure

With temperate weather, back-to-back years of great runoff filling the lakes and superb fishing opportunities, the stars are aligning for a terrific Father’s Day fishing adventure.

SV councilor, town clerk resign suddenly

In a period of 24 hours Monday, Star Valley lost two sisters. Councilor Nathalie Stroup and Town Clerk Sarah Luckie terminated their careers with the town that has seen two other officials resign in a year.

Silver Anniversary

Ed and Sandy Traxler of Gisela, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary June 16.

Quick action saves child

8-year-old saved from drowning

The scariest day of Stephanie Creasy’s life turned out to be the best day, when she saved an 8-year-old’s life.

Campers, part-time residents make the village a busy place

The village was extremely busy with visitors and campers along with our part-time residents. The Control Road was nothing but a big dust cloud for the whole weekend. Quads and dirt bikes ruled the road and caused an enormous amount of noise and dust.

Going green with computers

It’s a hot topic right now ... energy savings, environmental responsibility, and renewable resources. Many times, we brush over these topics —we’ll be environmentally responsible the next time we buy a car or build a house. Besides, we fill up our recycle bin every week, don’t we?

Aerial salute given for Candy Hart

Saturday, friends of Candy Hart showed up at Creekside Steakhouse for an aerial salute to Candy who passed away this year. They released balloons into the air hoping they would reach Candy in heaven. John Matus flew over in his plane.

Will session on sportsmanship include shaking opponent’s hand?

Maybe someone associated with professional basketball star LeBron James reads the sports pages of the Payson Roundup.

Top crappie angler shares some secrets

When it comes to crappie fishing the springtime months of March and April are hard to beat when the fish are in the shallows on the spawning beds.

Caps on Social Security income tax should be lifted

Saving Social Security has been much in the news lately. Perhaps we should eliminate the income level at which folks no longer contribute to Social Security.

Checks and balances of Constitution being ignored

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” — Declaration of Independence

PAWS members take care of dog park, not the town

The people referred to as a “private group” in a recent letter are PAWS — Payson Area Woofers Society. How can anyone compare us to the YMCA? We are driven volunteer dog lovers.

Taking advantage of pet owners

My 16-year-old male cat developed kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. I called my veterinarian and found out they wanted $135 to put him down, so I called the other small animal vets in the area to find about their fees, one was $90, one was $143 and the other was $168. And one said that I would have to pay for an office call to determine if the cat needed to be put down.

Around Rim Country

Free Concert Under the Stars Saturday

The Summer Concert in the Park series continues Saturday, June 20 with the Landon Shill Band, featuring country and rock music.

Gila board questions $6.17M spending ceiling

The question burned: Can Gila Community College re-examine its budget after approving it?

Two sets of missing children found

Children found in tent with drug paraphernalia

A mother who told deputies she took her children away from their legal guardians in Oregon to get away from a drug problem, was found Sunday inside a tent at a Rim Country campground with her children and several friends. Drug paraphernalia was also reportedly found in the tent.

Payson budget shortfall grows, $1M needed

Insurance jump, legislature’s budget, Humane Society funding prompt town to siphon off water department’s reserve funds

The Payson Town Council voted Thursday to take a million-dollar gulp out of the water department’s reserves to make up a fresh projected shortfall in next year’s budget.

Wednesday, June 17

Father’s Day

Fix him something spicy, smoky, comforting or unique

Father’s Day and the official start of summer is this Sunday, June 21. In this week’s food feature we offer some dishes that offer spicy, smoky, unique and comforting flavors. The first set of recipes is built with five ingredients or less and makes use of Pace Foods products

Naturalist vacations can take many forms

I often write about luxury vacations such as cruises, luxury resorts and what I call the better life. However, there are many who very much enjoy the outdoor life to take in nature’s beauty and wildlife. One company, Naturalist Journeys, guides you out into nature. I will list in this article some of the tours you may have an interest in and at the end will give you contact information.

A view to forever

Easy Rim Vista Trail provides stunning views

It is not the hardest trail you will ever take, but it could be the most scenic.

Farmers Market opens July 4

Payson’s Community Farmers Market opens July 4. Participants include growers with plots to acreage. The goods scheduled for sale are goat cheese, fudge, honey, jams/jellies, naturally sweetened fruit butters, eggs and baked goods. And there will be an ice cream vendor for the kids or young at heart.

The deadly fires of 1961

With a slate of cool temperatures recently, it’s easy to forget that June usually heats up, and as temperatures rise, the risk of a major fire increases. There have been some wicked fires in years past. There was Rodeo-Chediski in 2002 and the “angry Dude” in 1990. But when you look for a combination of multiple fires and air fatalities, 1961 was a year for the ages.

Red Cross seeking additional Rim Country volunteers

With Red Cross volunteers responding on average to two house fires a month in Gila County alone, the agency said it is seeking additional volunteers to keep up with demand.

Tuesday, June 16

Mourning a teacher

So many people feel such deep grief at the loss of Cynthia Pool, a chemistry teacher at Payson High School.

84-year-old hikes Grand Canyon, 24 miles, rim to rim in one day

When Ray Kinsman decides he is going to do something, stand out of his way, because he is sure to make it happen.

Community college budget projected at $6.3M

Despite a still ambiguous financial picture, Gila Community College could pass its $6.3 million budget for next year on Thursday.

East Verde cleanup: 50 bags, weird trash

What do you get if you spend the morning dragging the East Verde for trash? A dim view of some out-of-town campers. Half a plastic swimming pool. Assorted car parts. Some refrigerator racks. Some funny looks. Occasional high-fives. And about 50 bulging bags of garbage.

Decker edges out Lopez for the gold

Ross Decker ran, swam and cycled his way to a gold medal in one of the most grueling sporting events the Town of Payson annually hosts — the sprint triathlon.

Sustainability topic of chamber’s Business Buzz

When monolithic businesses like Walmart leverage their power to reduce packaging, the effects ripple through the marketplace, said Rick Heffernon, a policy analyst for Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability.

Teacher’s memorial service is at PHS

Nicole Scott would sometimes fall asleep at Cindy and Roy Pool’s house after finishing homework. It was next door, and she often spent time there with her surrogate family.

Tease photo

Triathlon starts with tribute to teacher

Racing for Cynthia memorial team entered sprint event

Former students, fellow teachers, friends and family of Cynthia Pool gathered June 13 near Taylor Pool for a tribute to the fallen educator.

North all-star team beats South 30-0, Longhorns play key roles

There’s now no doubt that the most competitive football in small town Arizona is played in White Mountain and Rim Country rural high schools.

Having class is more important than million-dollar contracts

Millions of young viewers around the world watched the man they call “The Chosen One” refuse to shake hands with opponents after his team lost to the Orlando Magic in a fierce NBA semifinal battle.

Payson angler creates new swim bait to tempt fish

Every bass angler wants that perfect bait to catch that lunker largemouth which will give him a paycheck at a tournament or at least bragging rights among his friends.

Payson Pet Sitting; an alternative to kennels

After owning and operating Payson Pet Sitting in the Rim Country for more than 11 years on her own, owner Nicole Reynolds decided it was time to share the business load and profits with another.

Housing boom or bust; book details how we got into economic crisis

A friend recommended a book that was recently published titled “The Housing Boom and Bust” by economist Thomas Sowell.

Roundup honored

The Military Officers Association of America presented Payson Roundup publisher John Naughton with a certificate of appreciation Saturday.

Library to host series of scholar speakers

Scholarly speakers will arrive from across the state each month for the rest of the year (except July) to speak at the Library Friends of Payson’s monthly lectures, which are open to the community, free of charge.

Playin' the Blues

Mike Howard and Keith Rogers of the Jump Back Band, tune their instruments as they get ready to storm the stage with their rockin’ blues music at Saturday’s Strawberry Blues Festival.

Weekend events draw big crowds

Strawberry Festival, quilters, blues show and high school rodeo each draw about 5,000 visitors to Rim Country

Rim Country businesses reported a busy weekend as people crowded into town for a host of special events — including a high school rodeo, quilt show, the Strawberry Festival and blues and jazz shows.

Plea deal leaves no one accountable for death

More than two years after Roger Watson was killed violently by a gunshot to the head, stuffed into a car and set on fire, two more men were sentenced in late May for their involvement in the death.

Too soon for monsoons?

Next rain won’t deliver a real monsoon storm

Sit down. This is gonna take some explaining. The monsoon season started yesterday. And it’ll likely rain on you today. But that ain’t no monsoon storm. You following this? Let us explain.

Easy to decide issues in the abstract

Here’s an opinion from a total nobody.

Humane Society should be funded

Why is it that the people of Payson seem to be unable to do simple math?

Thank you to dunk tank volunteers

A huge thank you to those volunteers who willingly or unwillingly sat and waited for the basketball to hit its mark and dunk them.

Trail system will cause problems

I feel I must respond to a recent sales pitch by Payson Area Trails System (PATS). This “trails” system is planning to establish a network of trails throughout Payson leading to Forest Service trails on the perimeter of town.

Enforce immigration laws

It was just mentioned on the news that $536 million was the cost of medical care for illegal immigrants for one year in California. This cost does not include education, welfare and crime (more police, courts, incarceration, etc.). Arizona spends over $820 million on K-12 schooling and $1.3 billion on health care for illegals.

Man found guilty of sexual abuse at bar

A 39-year-old Payson man was found guilty of sexual abuse May 7, a year after a fight broke out at Kelly’s Bar in Star Valley after the man touched a woman’s breast.

Chamber briefs

Gila County Small Business Development Center will hold a seminar at Gila Community College, Room 301 Tuesday, June 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on “Preparing ARC Loan Program Packages for SBDC.” This seminar will focus on preparing for the ARC (America’s Recovery Capital) $35,000 loans for small businesses. These loans are deferred-payment, and are available to established, viable, for-profit businesses that need short-term help.

Around Rim Country

Workshop for small businesses tonight

The Small Business Administration will host a workshop from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday, June 16 in Room 301 at Gila Community College, 201 N. Mud Springs Road.

From the manager

We’ve been on hiatus for the last month, with the Sawdust Festival and the new Visitors Guide, and the Tonto Natural Bridge re-opening taking up a great deal of time and energy. During that time, the Rim Country Classic Car Show was a great success, the Sawdust Festival was re-started, rain and all, and the Business Awards were presented to six of our many deserving businesses in Rim Country. Seems that we’ve had our hands full in Rim Country.

School superintendent given new contract

The Payson Unified School District this week approved a $100,000 contract without dental insurance for the superintendent one year before it had to.

Star Valley council may adopt $9.3M budget

Since its incorporation in 2005, Star Valley has seen a steady increase in its proposed budgets.

News briefs

A Payson pilot crashed in his single-engine plane at the Payson Regional Airport Monday afternoon after the landing gear failed to deploy.

Saturday, June 13

Red Cross offering class on keeping your dog safe this summer

Register now for the American Red Cross Dog First Aid/CPR Course being offered by Payson Parks from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday, July 20 at the Payson Police department meeting room.

Friday, June 12

Become familiar with wealth-transfer strategies

To retire comfortably, you need to save and invest regularly.

Free soccer clinic offered by British group Saturday

A golden opportunity awaits Rim Country soccer hopefuls tomorrow, June 13, at Rumsey Park.

Every once in a while, age restrictions make sense

It was a comment that was to be repeated a large number of times over the next few days as people met our teenage warrior.

Teacher dies in cycling accident

Students, teachers and administrators in Payson Schools are mourning the loss of one of the district’s most beloved teachers.

Green Valley Park concert features top pop, rock ’n’ roll, Motown hits this Saturday

If you are a fan of the golden oldies music of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s; this Saturday evening’s Parks and Rec’s concert at Green Valley Park is for you. The Higher Power Band, out of Phoenix, will be performing some of the top pop, rock ’n’ roll, Motown and country hits from yesteryear.

Christian school awarded early childhood funds

The Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board recently voted to approve $23.3 million in emergency child care scholarships statewide to immediately shore up the stability of working families and their children.

Lots of good fishing, activities in Rim Country

Oh the wonderful lazy days of summer! One of our favorite things to do at this time of the year is go fishing.

Computers put TV programming on your schedule

How many times have you forgotten to set the DVR while on vacation, been stuck in a late meeting with no escape, or been invited to dinner with a long-lost friend — only to discover that you missed a crucial episode of your favorite show? The stranglehold that television has on our lives is a topic for another article — but missing a results show on “American Idol” or a pivotal hour of “Lost” can be frustrating. Technology, as usual, comes to the rescue.

Mentioning some things that I am for

Those of us on my side of the political spectrum have grown to recognize certain political phrases and questions from the left side of the trail for what they really mean.

It is time to look at the waste

I just heard that APS is giving the school district a break on the electric bill.

Challenge for Payson residents

Have you ever criticized our Payson Police Department or heard others doing so? I have heard the criticisms and it angers me a lot.

Thanks for hosting foreign exchange students

I would like to personally thank Michael Buskirk/Daria Mason and sons Kit and John, Carl, Laura, Clint, Jake and Jason Hacker who have hosted exchange students, this year through EF Foundation for Foreign Study.

Global warming myths

There is no argument that the earth has been warming for the past 50 to 100 years or so. The consensus seems to be that man-made greenhouse gases will cause this warming to continue until we are roasted alive or we reduce our greenhouse gases to very low levels.

Counselors, cops narrowly avert tragedy

Cell tower climber highlights mental health crisis needs

There were signs, of course, but people often ignore signs until something happens.

A flag woven from sacrifice

One day in 1908 as he dined outside of Philadelphia, President Theodore Roosevelt noticed a man wiping his nose with a small American flag.

Vandals overturn benches, egg, graffiti restrooms at Payson library

Vandals are escalating the scale of their attack on the Payson Public Library. Thursday night, June 11, some of the benches in the front of the building were turned over and one was damaged. The building was also egged.

Rim fire buffers Pine area

Normally, when you get a 1,200-acre fire in June that burns to within two miles of Pine, you’d have evacuations, panic in the street and anxious residents wetting down their roofs.

St. Paul’s thanks community

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church would like to thank the community of Payson for its generous support of our annual Marketplace which was held May 15 and 16. A special thanks to Cliff Potts for his donation of the use of the former “Git a Rope” building on the Beeline Highway.

Where is the outrage?

Most of us will remember the excoriating remarks made by senators about the automaker CEOs coming to D.C. in their respective corporate jets. Yes, that was company bucks

Of books and cooking

Library director leads program based on noted Arizona author’s work

Fans of reading, Mexican food and cooking had a red-letter day last month at the Payson Public Library with the Capirotada Cooking Class and Book Discussion.

Sean Cuniff covers 4-mile run in 19:32

40 take part in National Trails Day hike, run

About 40 hearty Rim Country residents celebrated National Trails Day on June 4 with a four-mile jaunt on the Monument Peak Loop Trail.

Top prep cowboys, cowgirls in town for rodeo

The Arizona State High School Championship rodeo will draw some of the finest prep cowboys and cowgirls from around the state and also from New Mexico and Colorado.

Big changes for youth football

There are big changes going on in Payson youth football.

PHS athlete finishes 14th at Southwest meet

Maddie Nossek among top competitors at New Mexico track and field competition

New Payson High School track and field coach Jonathan Ball is convinced Maddie Nossek can become one of the state’s finest all-around athletes.

Just one free Arizona fishing day left on June 13

Get the tackle ready and load up new fishing line on the reel — there is still one more free fishing day for Arizona on June 13 so you can celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week.

Large pipe moving through town backs up traffic

A large refinery pipe snarled up traffic in town Tuesday afternoon as police and DPS authorities worked to snake the oversized load under lights and through intersections.

Fishing report

Fishing is was pretty good during the Memorial weekend, with some float tube anglers doing exceptionally well. The lake was stocked last week with catchable-size rainbow trout. There are also larger hold-over trout.

Is 72 hours long enough for your pet?

There’s been a lot of focus on us lately — focus on how long we hold animals; focus on how much it costs on a daily basis to operate our facility.

One hectic week

This past week has been very hectic for the Snyder household. My husband, Bill, gave me and my family a bad scare when he had a severe warning regarding his heart. He was well taken care of by the personnel at the Arizona Heart Institute and the Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix.

Pay raises, new budget passed for fire district

Monday night’s fire board meeting was a mixture of those for the budget and those against it.

Business briefs

Wells Fargo is conducting a summer food drive in Arizona to collect donations for food banks in the state including the Food Bank of Payson.

Payson faces critical shortage of housing

Despite slump in home prices, average house still costs nearly twice as much as average worker can afford

Despite the recent decline in home values, the average Payson worker can’t come close to making the payments on the average Payson home, according to a just-concluded study.

Around Rim Country

Rim Country packed with fun, festivities

The 19th Annual Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show is June 12, 13, and 14 at the Pine Community Center. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Wednesday, June 10

Library director leads cooking class based on Arizona author’s work

Fans of reading, Mexican food and cooking had a red-letter day last month at the Payson Public Library with the Capirotada Cooking Class and Book Discussion.

The Story of Payson, Arizona

Chapter 20: Payson gets a full-time doctor

In the early decades of the Payson community, medical care was limited to folk remedies or the occasional presence of a part-time doctor hired by the nearby mining companies.

Got grandkids? A train ride trumps the video game

Recently, the grandchildren were visiting for several days, and as many of you are probably aware — being vacation caretakers yourselves — they frequently need interesting things to do other than playing with video games, the neighbor kids and baseball or going to Taylor Pool and the library. Ours are ages 6 and 9 and smart as tacks.

Square dance fest could raise the roof

When you get about 200 people swirling, twirling, stamping and stomping — all in time with one another — you might get a roof or two raised in the Rim Country.

Painter, teacher is PAL guest

The Payson Art League will feature well-known local painter and teacher Joy Layson at its Tuesday, June 16 meeting, to be held at 7 p.m. at the Rim Country Health and Retirement Community, 807 W. Longhorn Road.

Quilt show and more this weekend in Pine

The 19th Annual Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show is June 12-14 at the Pine Community Center.

Tease photo

PHS teacher killed in Wyoming accident

Payson High School chemistry teacher Cynthia Pool was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer as she and a friend cycled June 9 through Wyoming on a coast-to-coast trip.

Tuesday, June 9

State budget ‘devastating,’ says Evans

Legislature’s plan would cut Payson’s budget by $500,000

The version of the state budget adopted by House and Senate Republicans would blow a big hole in the bottom of Payson’s already floundering budget boat, said Payson Mayor Kenny Evans.

Housing contribution: ‘Extortion’ or charity?

Council cuts link between town approval and affordable housing donation

On a split vote Thursday, the Payson Town Council eliminated a system that asked developers to make a “voluntary” contribution to an affordable housing fund at the same time they received their approvals to build.

Bikers in chain-reaction pileup

Two vehicles in a slow lane on Highway 87 collided Sunday as a motorcycle tried to pass a truck with a travel trailer. The slow lane ended before motorcycle driver Scott Brown could complete passing on the right, police said Monday.

Pine quilt show just around the corner

The 19th Annual Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show is June 12, 13 and 14 at the Pine Community Center.

Donald H. Ryan

Donald H. Ryan died at his Payson home June 5, 2009.

Rev. Mary Magdalene Glaze

The funeral service for Rev. Mary Magdalene Glaze, age 78, of Payson, formerly of Enid, Okla., will be at 2 p.m., Thursday, June 11 at the Living Word Fellowship in Enid, Okla., with Rev. Terry Glaze, Rev. Terrell Glaze and Rev. Cliff Richey officiating. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, Enid, Okla., with arrangements by Anderson-Burris Funeral Home.

Which sort are you?

How many times have you hiked up some beautiful spot — let’s say the East Verde River — and shook your head in disgust at a discarded beer can, a trashed camp site, or a candy bar wrapper?

Council’s courage key to housing

Poor Tantalus, punished for revealing the secrets of the Greek gods with eternal hunger and thirst. He stood parched in a room waist deep in water, which receded whenever he stooped to take a drink. He starved, never dying, beneath a great tree groaning with fruit, whose branches rose whenever he reached for them.

Thanks to all who made National Day of Prayer a success

Thank you to each person who made this year’s National Day of Prayer a success here in Rim Country. Thanks first go to Mary Wolf and Nelson Beck for their extra support and encouragement in arranging the event at Rumsey Park, along with the Payson Roundup and KMOG for their announcements.

Pine and Strawberry need to incorporate as separate towns

My wife and I moved her father to Strawberry in 1986, and we have been here off and on ever since, with the last 11 years as permanent year-round residents.

Contributors thanked

Payson American Legion Riders, Post 69 wishes to thank the following contributors for their generous donations to our annual charity motorcycle run. Their support has allowed us to raise more than $2,600 for the Payson Supply Line.

Volunteers made ramada happen

In the recent issue of the Roundup on the editorial page a very nice, complimentary article was written regarding the new ramada we have recently constructed. On behalf of the organizations, volunteers and groups involved, I would like to express our thanks for that article. There were a large number of volunteers who gave of their time and energy in building this structure and organizations who contributed funds to this project to supplement the grant money we had received. This was indeed a community effort along with a great deal of support from District One Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin.

No funding for Humane Society

I was hoping (the town council would) not have to make the cuts that were necessary to the Payson Parks and Recreation Department. However, I completely understood the necessity with the budget situation such as it was, and I supported the council’s decision in this regard.

Thanks for yard sale success

On behalf of Region 61 of the International Police Association, I want to thank all of those who participated or contributed in any way to the success of our yard sale on May 30. This, our second annual yard sale, was a fund-raiser for a scholarship program benefiting dependents of local law enforcement personnel.

Around Rim Country

Rim Country packed with fun, festivities

The 19th Annual Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show is June 12, 13, and 14 at the Pine Community Center. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Sloppy-looking athletes make for sloppy play

I’m an “old school” type of guy, especially when it comes to sports.

Payson High School golf — a tradition of excellence continues

A tradition of excellence that few other Arizona high schools can match could be the calling card for the Longhorn golf team. Since the spring of 1999, when Bret Morse took over as coach, the Horns have won four state runner-up titles, a state championship and several region crowns.

Brits share soccer skills

Last year, the inaugural Challenger Sports British Soccer camps proved to be a big hit on the Rim Country recreation scene.

Tease photo

‘Geo-Kidz’ shows joys of nature to children

“Nature Deficit Disorder” and “Leave No Child Inside” are not just plays on words.

Winning with three clubs

Playing a tournament with only three clubs can be a challenge for the most veteran of golfers.

Businesses overcoming challenges honored

After all the bad news — the tumbling stock market, the sleepless nights and penny-counting days, Thursday’s 2009 Rim Country Business Awards offered local business leaders a chance to celebrate.

Tease photo

Wind fans fires

Serendipitous strikes of lightning have allowed the Forest Service to manage the subsequent fires along the Mogollon Rim and reduce fuel loads in previously worrisome sections.

Body found; mystery lingers

The body of Mark Russell Irby, a 51-year-old Chandler architect missing since January, was found Saturday at Chevelon Canyon Lake, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Plunge in sales taxes spurs fears

Retail sales plunged in Payson in April, upending the town’s budget planning process and raising the ominous possibility the recession could deepen rather than ease.

E. Verde gets a little help from its friends

The East Verde takes care of Payson. Time for Payson to take care of the river.

Fighting cancer — with memories and miles

33 Relay for Life teams raise $42,000-plus to fund research

The 2009 Relay for Life in Payson has netted $42,000, and more money is expected to come in over the next few weeks.

Friday, June 5

Annual Relay for Life is tonight at high school field

Once again the track at Payson High School will be alive and alight with the annual Relay for Life festivities this weekend.

Ode to a racing man

Bud Matson was a NASCAR pioneer

Tucked away in the corner of Bud Matson’s hilltop home is a small sign that reads, “It’s nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.”

Tax hearing: tough call, but right one

The Payson Town Council last night thought hard, swallowed twice — then did the right thing.

What are we doing about the human suffering?

Dog pound or no-kill shelter. I know it’s not politically correct to use terms like dog catcher or dog pound anymore. Today it’s animal control and Humane Society that are preferred. No matter what they are called, I have complete respect for folks willing to take on this responsibility.

Council needs to fund the Humane Society animal shelter

In regards to the city wanting to cut the amount of the contract to the humane shelter by $50,000, I feel Sam Streichman’s approach to the problem, is simply ridiculous!

Seeing the numbers can sometimes cause shock and awe

Closing out the school year, one that I believe has been quite successful, I get a chance to look at different numbers. I spend a fair amount of my time looking at numbers: budget numbers, bond dollars, class size projections, staffing requirements, AIMS scores. The list goes on, but some numbers are particularly interesting —perhaps even to the point of generating a little shock and awe.

Vacation Bible schools

The “Sonrock Kids Camp” vacation Bible school will be held from noon to 3 p.m., June 15-19 at the Pine Strawberry School.

Water district buy in legal swamp

A Yavapai County Superior Court judge will soon be charged with deciding whether the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District violated a court order to allow it to take over the two communities’ water companies and if sanctions should be placed against the district’s governing board.

Star Valley council bucks deficit trend

Star Valley bucked the deficit trend Tuesday as it unveiled a projected $9.3 million budget, which included $2.9 million in carryover and a plan to a start a reserve fund despite a 15-percent decline in operating revenue.

Tease photo

Tower climber facing charges

Camn Boal, the 40-year-old Payson man who climbed a communications tower Tuesday as a suicide threat, is in Globe jail on felony charges, police said Thursday.

Help for little squirrels

Seven squirrels were born on Memorial Day. As our guests were loading up to leave last Monday, these little guys were slowly moving around the property.

Business briefs

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce will hold its Business Buzz meeting Thursday, June 18.

Lots to do in Strawberry June 12-14

Pine and Strawberry are definitely the places to be next weekend. The Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show, Strawberry Festival and Strawberry Valley Blues Festival are all taking place, promising a fun-filled time for the whole family.

Apology to YMCA supporters

Earlier this week, an e-mail under my name was passed around in support of the Humane Society of Central Arizona.

It took time, but mother of nine earns college degree

The course of Angela Parker has been steady, despite the tumult that life threw. The mother of nine children earned her bachelor’s degree this month from Brigham Young University — two online classes at a time.

Around Rim Country

Concert in the Park series begins June 6

The summer concert series kicks off Saturday, June 6 with a performance by The Brew City Sisters folk-rock band.

Concert series starts Saturday

We Paysonites are in for another musical treat this weekend.

Haught bucking for shot at national title

Payson high school rodeo star hopes to lasso championship

Trevor Haught’s immediate career goal is to find a way to stay aboard a 1,500-pound wild, bucking bronc for eight seconds while clinging only to a braided rein.

Tease photo

Spike one (for the Gipper)

An old cliché among high school football coaches is that championships are won in the summer, not the fall.

When a slowpoke turns into a speed demon, look out!

He was one of the nicest guys I ever met. He was also one of the sleepiest.

Wild flowers blooming in the forest

This time of year is one of the best times to be living in the Rim Country.

Taking aim at bull’s-eyes, charity needs, a flag in a hole

The Tonto Rim Sports Club Expo, set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, June 7 at the Jim Jones Shooting Range, is a great way to introduce teenagers and newcomers to target shooting, hunting and the safe handling of firearms.

Bundles of cuteness ready for homes

The first batch of kittens have cleared their health checks, been spayed and neutered and have made their way up to the main house for adoption. There’s nothing in cat house #5 but bouncing bundles of pure kitten cuteness.

All Stars: One more bow

Game to reunite state champion coach, players

Rim Country sports faithful will soon have one final opportunity to cheer the core of prep football players who set Arizona on its face mask last season winning the 3A state championship.

Fall deer, turkey, javelina, sheep hunt applications due soon

I know it is fishing season, but believe it or not, the fall deer, turkey, javelina and sheep applications are due next Tuesday, June 9.

Public help sought to guide hunt guidelines

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is hosting a series of nine public meetings to solicit input on the proposed revisions under consideration for the hunt guidelines used for setting the 2010-11 and 2011-12 hunting season dates, structures, permit levels and more.

Volunteers needed at Woods Canyon to help cleanup

The Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests are offering an opportunity at Woods Canyon Lake for the public to learn about nesting bald eagles and osprey, and help these majestic raptors at the same time through a lake cleanup.

Buy high and sell low: A formula for failure

It’s unfortunate but true: Many people are not particularly successful investors. Why? Part of the reason can be explained in these two words: Fear and greed.

Crazy Eddie did things his way

If Crazy Eddie had been a horse, I would have thought he overindulged on loco weed.

Council may raise town property tax

If Payson raised the property tax rate to the maximum, it would cost owner of a $200,000 house $4.86 annually

A divided Payson Town Council Thursday voted to start the potentially contentious process of boosting the town’s property tax rate to raise an extra $73,000 for next year’s stressed-out budget — a move that would add less than $5 to the tax bill on a $200,000 house.

Hwy. 87 widening to start in June

In an ongoing effort to make northern Gila County roads safer, the Arizona Department of Transportation is moving ahead with plans to expand Highway 260 to four lanes to Heber and will start widening parts of Highway 87 to Pine where a number of accidents have occurred on the winding, narrow road.

Crews turn lightning caused fires into controlled burns

Fire crews are letting two well-behaved lighting-sparked fires burn atop the Rim, taking advantage of the lingering effects of a three-inch downpour in May.

Thursday, June 4

Tease photo

Tragedy averted

A 40-year-old man who was threatening to commit suicide by jumping from a 300-foot Qwest communication tower on West Frontier Street safely descended Tuesday after three hours atop the tower, police said.

Wednesday, June 3

A major event

I was asked to write about some of the more interesting events in my life, and as I reviewed my experiences, I remembered a major event that happened when I was 19 years old.


How would you define the word elite? Would it be someone who is rich and wealthy or thinks they are better than everyone else? Would it be someone who sticks their nose up in the air, a little snobbish or has special favors presented to them at all times?

Garden tour leads to gems of nature

Mogollon tour leads to gems of nature and the artisan’s hand

The planting zone maps and descriptions like “high desert” and “foothills” don’t do Rim gardeners justice.

Religious travel has many options

When you think of religious travel, do you picture the Holy Land, or perhaps a retreat to a shrine?

The way Rim forests have changed

The way that our forests are handled has changed through the years. The U.S. Forest Service is not much more than 100 years old and quite a lot has changed from the time it was created.

Maintaining a lower sodium diet without giving up taste

As many Americans seek out nutritious food options, flavor still reigns supreme, and several major food brands are proving that consumers don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to eat better.

What to Drink When Exercising in the Heat

I am taking my two teenage boys backpacking in the Southwest this August. It will be hot and dry, and I am preparing for those conditions. I need some guidance on what fluids to drink.

Benefit Scrabble tournament

There will be a tournament-style Scrabble game at Fireside Espresso starting at 11 a.m., Saturday, June 6. The deadline to register is June 3.


The Point Fire was started by lightning on Milk Ranch point in the Coconino national Forest and was first sighted on Sunday, may 31, 2009.

Quilt depicts Rim Country’s four seasons

“Arizona Mountain Home” is the name of the Strawberry Patchers’ 2009 Opportunity Quilt. It depicts the Rim Country and its four seasons.

Dance under the Rim festival could raise a roof or two

When you get about 200 people swirling, twirling, stamping and stomping — all in time with one another — you might get a roof or two raised in the Rim Country.

Tuesday, June 2

Blue Ridge grant vital to our future

Go team! So it looks like Payson will be the first community in the state to actually spend its federal stimulus money – thanks to the marathon efforts of the town staff, spearheaded by Mayor Kenny Evans.

Around Rim Country

Get your child into fishing lessons today

Youngsters in grades 1-4 will get a chance to learn age-appropriate fishing techniques from professional bass fisherman Mark Kile from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Wednesday, June 3 at Green Valley Lake.

Motorcycle crash results in two being airlifted to Scottsdale

A motorcycle crash on Highway 87 north of Pine on Sunday resulted in two people being airlifted to a Scottsdale hospital, police said. Both were released Sunday evening.

Homes not in sewer district could join soon

Payson’s last frontier — as the Northern Gila County Sanitary District manager calls the last large section of town with septic tanks — could soon lose its leaky tanks, which occasionally lead to sewage seeping above ground.

Business briefs

Main Street merchants are kicking off summer with their monthly block party celebration on June 5, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Housing industry could face same restrictions as automotive industry

The future of housing, just like the automotive sector and many other American industries, is now under close scrutiny by the federal government.

SBA rolls out American Recovery Capital Loan Program

The Arizona District Office of the Small Business Administration will host a number of workshops to discuss the new loan program for small businesses called “ARC Loans” or American Recovery Capital Loans.

Arizona High School rodeo finals return to Payson Event Center

Riding, roping, racing and wrestling is the name of the game at any rodeo, but at the Arizona High School Rodeo Association state finals, another highlight is the annual prom.

Seven Longhorns earn All-East, two named to all-state teams

All-East, two all-state teams and selection to the Arizona Baseball Coaches Association All-Star game are individual honors state high school players battle for during their prep careers.

Former PHS athlete is enjoying life as a Marine

Former Payson High School football and baseball player Tyler Williams stopped by the Payson Roundup last week for a short visit.

Sports club shooting range appeal is growing

Former Roundup reporter Erin Turner had never fired a handgun or rifle until she accepted an invitation to visit the Jim Jones Shooting Range. The invite, which was issued in the summer of 2007, persuaded Turner to somewhat reluctantly visit the range — located at the Tonto Rim Sports Club — south of Payson

Tease photo

Swim meet raises funds for Pikes

While the inaugural Taylor Pool Community Swim Meet was a blast for all who participated, it also met its main goal of earning much-needed funds for the cash-strapped Payson Pikes youth swim team.

Thank you, Payson

When I saw my photo on the front page of the Payson Roundup, Tuesday 26 May, I was so grateful that tears welled in my eyes.

New fees for dog tags, night in jail

Payson sets host of new fees for everything from a night in jail to tags for your vicious dog

Payson may be broke — but it’s not for lack of thinking up things for which to charge people.

Payson nails down Blue Ridge grant

It’s official. Payson will be the first community in the state to get clearance to spend federal stimulus money.

Airport plan needs $700,000 match

The Payson Regional Airport needs about $11 million in improvements to accommodate the near doubling of takeoffs and landings between now and 2028, according to a just completed Airport Master Plan.

Taking care of pets is a social issue

Just as children don’t ask to be born, neither do cats or dogs. Both are born with beating hearts and only seek to be loved and cared for.

Do the right thing

My jog ended on a Rumsey Park soccer field. As I walked past the large green and gray sign insisting “No Dogs on the Field,” I was greeted by four leash-less dachshunds and their female companions.

What’s wrong with being calm?

This is a simple response to the “political” cartoon that the Roundup ran in the May 26 issue.

Thanks for the donation

The Payson Multi Purpose Senior Center members and the board of directors wish to thank Bill Armstrong and the Rodeo Committee for the donation of several crates of food.

D-Day engineer survived, went on to build a family

As we approach the 65th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion on June 6, my thoughts turn to my late uncle, Harold Ickes.

APS gives $70,982 energy rebate to schools

The Payson Unified School District has received a $70,982 check from Arizona Public Service’s Solutions for Business Program.

First Friday kicks off summer

The Main Street merchants kick off summer with a block party for the First Friday Art & Antique Walk, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, June 5.

Garden tour leads to gems of nature

The planting zone maps and descriptions like “high desert” and “foothills” don’t do Rim gardeners justice.

Payson Senior Center, Thrift Store need volunteers

There are many wonderful people in Payson and today I would like to introduce one of these very special people

Farmer’s Market set to open July 4

As gloom slopped around town with a depressed economy and a divisive presidential election, Lorian Roethlein sought light.