What’S Wrong With Being Calm?



This is a simple response to the “political” cartoon that the Roundup ran in the May 26 issue. Now, first of all, I am not an idiot, and I realize that they get these cartoons from some national service (not drawn by a local), but they did pick this one to run. That being said, let me say this.

What is so wrong about a president urging calm?

Oh, and before I continue, I would like to say that I am a registered Republican!

One panel urged calm about the swine flu, we all saw how the media blew this out of proportion. This “pandemic” was no worse than our usual flu season, and as such should have been treated calmly by taking the reasonable precautions such as washing your hands properly, cover your mouth when you cough, and if you feel symptoms, do not go to work but see a doctor, etc. Again, the term calm means to use a rational head and think about what you are doing.

The first panel really cracked me up about “staying calm in the economic crisis.” Well funny thing there is that any financial analyst worth his salt would tell you that!

The next panel refers to the Iran and North Korea nukes. Well what should we do, run out and buy a bunch of duct tape and plastic like the last monkey administration had us panic and do? That only left a bunch of knee-jerk reaction Americans stuck watching old reruns of “The Red Green Show” so they could find new uses for all of that duct tape! (If you do not get that reference just Google “Red Green.”)

My point here, is that it is nice to see an administration that does not promote unneeded fear and panic!

We had far too much of that under the court jester George the second.

King George the first started the decline of my beloved Republican party and his court jester son George the second has destroyed it.

To use the cartoons own words, The President Urges Calm. To be calm is to be rational! As Webster defines “Not agitated, without losing self-possession.”

The president is not saying he is not dealing with the problems ... just that we as a people should not start an unnecessary panic!

Flying flags and going shopping as the last administration told us after 9/11 may have made us feel better ... but it did not fix anything. We did not remain calm! Men who were not terrorists and not even Muslim, but wore turbans were shot and killed in Arizona stores because of the panic the Bush administration chanted.

I find it refreshing that Obama urges calm. Calm means rational, educated, and properly informed thought before action.

Just my educated opinion,

Keith DeCinko


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