Fall Deer, Turkey, Javelina, Sheep Hunt Applications Due Soon


I know it is fishing season, but believe it or not, the fall deer, turkey, javelina and sheep applications are due next Tuesday, June 9.

So don’t miss out on your fall opportunities in the Arizona outdoors. There is still time to send them by mail which will put them in the Arizona Game and Fish office by the deadline.

If you are interested, the local Walmart sporting goods department has the fall regulation booklet, which also contains valuable information on percentages of successfully drawing a big game tag. 

Starting the application process after the Saturday mail departure may make it necessary to hand deliver the completed form to one of the regional game and fish offices in the state.

In the lottery drawing, I would recommend your first selection be that dream hunt, while the second choice should be a less popular unit, which increases the odds of being drawn.

I would advise you to fill in the third, fourth and fifth choices for deer, because a few units will not fill after the first drawing.

One of my best fall hunts for deer was actually a fourth choice in southern Arizona, in a unit I had not previously set foot in!

The hunting permit applications are easy to complete, yet hundreds of hopeful hunters have their applications rejected before the lottery for a variety of simple mistakes.  

Here are a few hints:

• Complete the form in its entirety

• Use the correct hunt number

• Make sure you mark the resident or non-resident box

• Write the check in the correct amount for the price of the tag

• Sign the application

 It is always wise to have a friend double-check the completed application before it goes into the mail or gets hand delivered to one of the regional offices.

I have had a friend or two, including longtime outdoorsman and former teacher Dean Pederson, write the wrong hunt number, have maximum bonus points, and get a cow elk tag after waiting eight long years.

If you haven’t already, plan those fall hunts now for big game in Arizona by filling out the application properly.

With the lottery, somebody has to get those precious permits, why not you?

This weekend enjoy the Arizona outdoors, God’s creation.


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