Help For Little Squirrels


Seven squirrels were born on Memorial Day. As our guests were loading up to leave last Monday, these little guys were slowly moving around the property.

The problem is, over the winter, the older ground squirrels got into my husband’s Bobcat and ate the wiring, causing around $2,500 in repair, and another $500 repair on his truck. They got into my car, but did not do that much damage.

At that time, my husband was on a mission to get rid of any ground squirrels on the property. I, on the other hand, cannot hurt any babies, except for bugs. After everyone left, the weather got bad and the rain began to fall. What was I going to do with seven little ground squirrel babies? I found a large plastic box and cut one end out and put a flannel blanket inside and scooped up the babies in a plastic jug and placed them in the box for the night.

The next several days, the same thing — rain every afternoon and cold at night. They looked bad and I did not think they were going to make it. Every day I went out back, one would be gone. Eventually all moved on and I feel I did my part to help. Just don’t tell my husband.

Upcoming events

The Hunter Creek Ranch Second Annual Community Cleanup and Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, June 13 at noon. Take a break from cleaning up your lot and meet at Memory Lane Common area. Bring a chair and your favorite dish to share. The HOA will provide paper plates, utensils, rolls, cookies and bottled water.

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association will have a community potluck at 1 p.m., Saturday, June 13 which will be held on Columbine on the creek. There are a lot of old and new neighbors who would like to meet each other. All of the community is invited to attend the potluck.

Kids Kleen up the Kreek Day is scheduled for 9 a.m., Saturday, June 13. Meet at the walking bridge if you want to help out.

The next fire board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8. This is the meeting they will decide to raise the tax rate or not. If you have concerns over this matter, please attend this important meeting.


Vicki Grootegoed will be adding another candle to her cake June 12. Be sure and wish Vicki a happy birthday.


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