No Funding For Humane Society



I was hoping (the town council would) not have to make the cuts that were necessary to the Payson Parks and Recreation Department. However, I completely understood the necessity with the budget situation such as it was, and I supported the council’s decision in this regard.

I am, therefore, a little put out at the folks who believe that the Humane Society’s needs outweigh that of anyone else. I do not believe they should get additional funding. In fact, I question strongly whether they should have any funding. I am not sure how many people realize that the town of Payson donated land that had been intended for hard surface basketball courts to the “dog” folks for the dog park.

This is a “private group,” like the YMCA, and our town should not be supporting their interest.

I believe that it’s a sad state of affairs when pets (animals) take priority over children (humans). This is evident not only in Payson but throughout the country. The folks who want to give human qualities to animals just “don’t have a clue” and I speak in opposition to their stance in this matter.

Bruce Wilson


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