Volunteers Made Ramada Happen



In the recent issue of the Roundup on the editorial page a very nice, complimentary article was written regarding the new ramada we have recently constructed. On behalf of the organizations, volunteers and groups involved, I would like to express our thanks for that article. There were a large number of volunteers who gave of their time and energy in building this structure and organizations who contributed funds to this project to supplement the grant money we had received. This was indeed a community effort along with a great deal of support from District One Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin.

We would also like to express our thanks and gratitude to all those who volunteered to help during the dedication of the ramada on May 16. I will not attempt to name them all as there is a possibility I would inadvertently forget someone. We were extremely pleased with the large number of people who came out for the dedication ceremony and wish to thank them for their show of support.

It is our hope that people in the surrounding area and those who come here from elsewhere will enjoy our efforts and the ramada as we think it is a fine example of community and county co-operation and involvement, as well as use of small logs taken from forested areas.

I would like to point out that one item in the article was misstated. The wood logs used in this project were small logs taken from fuel breaks and the forest in northern Arizona and were not pressed, but were processed in a solution to make them bug resistant and extend the life span of the log.

Thanks again for the nice article and recognition of what can be done with wood products taken from the forests in the surrounding areas. Hopefully, other entities will take it upon themselves to ascertain what projects can be made with small logs from the forest.

Walt Smith, president, Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc.


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