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There’s been a lot of focus on us lately — focus on how long we hold animals; focus on how much it costs on a daily basis to operate our facility.

What we’re going to focus on in today’s article is one of the many programs we offer that make HSCAZ special. Hopefully some of what you read will help you to understand the difference between a “pound” and our shelter.

On June 1, three little dogs were brought into the shelter by a woman who had found them running down the highway in North Payson. They had all been recently groomed and all are wearing tags with their names, a phone number and address. It was obvious that they are someone’s beloved pets.

So we called the phone number and found it now belongs to someone else. Thank heavens we live in a small town, and we went to the address on the tags. Sadly, after much knocking and calling out, we realized there was no one home.

That’s when a little more small-town detective work came in, and we figured out that these little dogs — Spookers, Tuesday and Baby Black — belong to a man who works at one of the local grocery stores. He’s a very nice man who, just over a year ago, lost his wife to a very long battle with cancer.

He finally decided it was time for a vacation, and left town for two weeks, entrusting the care of his animals to someone he thought would be responsible for them. We haven’t seen or heard from the caregiver, so we put the three little dogs into our Humanitarian Hold program. This is a service we offer to people who are in some sort of crisis event and need temporary housing for their pets. In this case, it is the pets who are in a crisis, and their beloved owner doesn’t even know.

The point here is that, had this been a facility that is used simply to impound animals for the required time of 72 hours — Spookers, Tuesday and Baby Black would have been put to sleep on the morning of June 4. They would never have been given the chance to be reunited with their owner, who would never have had the chance to pick them up, because whoever is supposed to be taking care of them has dropped the ball. Imagine the grief and guilt he would feel.

Ours is not just an animal story. It’s a story with many sides — human and animal. We are not just important to the animals who make their way to our door, but to the people who love so many of them and trust us to care for them until they can be reunited.

If you’d like to learn more about the Humanitarian Hold program or any of the programs we offer, or if you would like to become one of the volunteers who make it all possible, please come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road, give us a call at (928) 474-5590 or look us up on the Web at

These are some of our easygoing pooches who are available for adoption. They have great manners and would make great companions for older couples, stay-at-home families, or single people.


Delilah is a 1-year-old Bluetick Coonhound. She was originally adopted from here as a pup, and recently returned because her owners felt she was too rough with the other dogs. We have introduced her to one of our active dog packs in the play yard and she did great! If you know a hound, you know they are active and playful and full of energy. Delilah is housebroken and leash trained and rides like a lady in a car. She is very sweet and a bit shy, but truly a wonderful gal.


Lady is a 6-year-old Rottweiler mix. We aren’t sure how she got here; we came in one morning and she was outside in a kennel. We named her lady because she definitely acts like one. She knows basic commands, is potty trained and walks well on a leash. She is easygoing and would prefer a calm, quiet environment. She gets along with everybody and has a wonderful personality.


Misty is a 3-year-old Catahoula/Lab mix. She was found at McDonald’s and appeared to be waiting for someone. Unfortunately, no one ever came. Misty can be shy and timid, but is a real doll. She loves to snuggle up to you and rest her head on your shoulder, or lie next to you on the couch with her head in your lap. She gets along with the other dogs and is truly a sweetheart, who needs to be able to feel safe and secure.


Gage is a 2-1/2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He was picked up as a stray near Fossil Creek and possibly had been dumped. This handsome guy loves to play ball. He will play forever if you let him. We have been told that he has all the traits of a drug sniffing/ search and rescue dog. He is very intelligent and would do best in an active household. Please bring your family and dogs to meet Gage if you are interested. We have found that he does well with some dogs; mainly females. Gage has been here for almost a year now and is ready to find his forever home.


Guy is a 2-year-old Pit mix. He was brought in as a stray from the Frontier Elementary area. He is an active dog with a lot of energy to run and play. He gets along with other dogs and really enjoys going on walks. He is neutered and current on shots. He will require a home visit, but this is just to ensure he is being adopted for the right reasons.  Please bring your family and come spend time with this sweet guy.


Leeroy is a 2-1/2-year-old Pug/Heeler mix. When his dad ended up in a nursing home, his mom brought him here to us and turned him over. He loves kids and loves to play ball. He can be picky about a toy, but takes great care of it, if he likes it. He rides wonderfully in a car and walks great on a leash. He is housebroken and prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed in his own doggy bed. If you have a dog and are interested in Leeroy, please bring your dog with to meet him because he only gets along with some dogs. He has a great personality and would love to go on walks with you at night.


One of our wonderful supporters, Jackie Lauderbaugh, is holding a private yard sale to benefit us Saturday, June 13 at 703 E. Tahoe Vista Cir. Thanks, Jackie!

We will be at the Strawberry Festival this weekend.

Our last wine tasting of this series is this Sunday, June 14 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Gerardo’s Italian Bistro. We will be featuring the great wines of Spain. Tickets are $20 and are available at the door.


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