Challenge For Payson Residents



Have you ever criticized our Payson Police Department or heard others doing so? I have heard the criticisms and it angers me a lot.

Why not volunteer for the PD and experience firsthand what a fine police force we have? You would be doing yourself, the police department, and the Town of Payson a great service. You will find very hard-working, caring, underpaid, ordinary people who put their lives on the line every day.

Some days, (on their normal day off,) you might find them cleaning the police department because the funding for cleaning service is no longer provided. We are in desperate need of good volunteers. By volunteering, you are lessening the load of the department staff and saving your taxpayer money. Some of the areas volunteers help out with are: general reception (meet very interesting people and learn a lot); fingerprinting; PATH calling (call elderly or homebound people daily for welfare check); filing, typing reports, etc.; assist in officer training (lots of fun and get to know the officers); assist with K-9 yearly training with officers throughout the state; installing and monitoring the Guardian Angel (emergency call pendants) program. (Currently over 400 in the Payson area); property and evidence; crime scene security; funeral escort; traffic control; vacation home watches.

To date, our volunteer program has put in more than 94,000 hours, saving taxpayers over a million dollars.

Quit listening to false rumors. Why not find out firsthand what a great experience it is, volunteering for our fine department, whether it is four hours or 80 hours a month, I challenge you to try.

Bill Broce,

Payson Police Dept. volunteer since 2002


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