Global Warming Myths



There is no argument that the earth has been warming for the past 50 to 100 years or so. The consensus seems to be that man-made greenhouse gases will cause this warming to continue until we are roasted alive or we reduce our greenhouse gases to very low levels.

I submit that this is a short term view. If one takes a longer term view, like 100 million years, one will see that in all of geological history there has never been a time when the earth wasn’t either warming or cooling unless it was at an inflection point. Sometimes it changed at a fast pace and sometimes slow. In recent geological time, the Vikings farmed on Greenland during the medieval warm period around 1100 AD. There were no SUVs or power plants around then. Since then Greenland became covered with glaciers during the little ice age. The temperature on Greenland has been increasing since then until a few decades ago when it started cooling. Hmm ... The earth has experienced several warm spells and cold spells over the millennia and CO2 or man had nothing to do with it.

I could go on and recite some facts about how small a role CO2 plays in greenhouse gasses or many other facts, but I cannot hope to counter the millions of words you have heard or read in the media in approximately 400 words. Fortunately, there is a source where you can get information from experts on both sides. The source is, of course, the Internet.

So put down your newspaper, turn off your TV and get up off the couch and go to your computer and start with a Google search of “global warming myth.” You will learn that there are 31,000 scientists who don’t believe that man is a major contributor to global warming. You will learn that the global temperature hasn’t increased and in fact has cooled since 1998 and that much of the reported increases are caused by changes in the environment around the thermometers. Just look at Phoenix with its heat island. There are over 1.9 million references at this site. Don’t miss the one by Power Line.

We could just as well be heading into another ice age instead increased global warming. Perhaps we should be encouraging the generation of CO2. Wouldn’t that solve a lot of our problems? I urge you to do your own research and form your own opinion. This is a very serious matter. The answer we come up with may mean the difference between prosperity and a long recession or worse.

Bob Hartley


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