It Is Time To Look At The Waste



I just heard that APS is giving the school district a break on the electric bill.

That’s great since it is coming out of my pocket. But wouldn’t it be even better if the new Julia Randall school had the lights in the parking lot turned off when there is no one around (like 2 a.m.)?

The large building with the cupola is always lit when it’s obvious there is no one around. Is this to help the vandals and thieves see what they are doing? If the criminals had to use flashlights we (the observant citizens) would be alerted to a problem. The classrooms or offices are also lit at night. If this is the cleaning crew they shouldn’t take all night to do their job. They should open a darkened room do what is required and leave the room dark. I realize that we get our electrical energy from hydro-electric plants and after the initial disruption of the water flow the impact on the environment is minimal. It still costs in maintenance and manpower. If we (the public) are asked to conserve why shouldn’t a public entity not do the same?

We retired to Payson for the clean air (a subject to address later) and the view from our patio. The light pollution around Green Valley Park has increased considerably over the past two years. Our view has diminished proportionally. This is neither an environmentally nor resident-friendly condition.

Someone in the local government should look into this type of waste at a time when people are losing their jobs in citywide cutbacks. The money spent on expensive electric bills might help a parent keep their job and put food on the table for their children.

Chuck Burns


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