Enforce Immigration Laws



It was just mentioned on the news that $536 million was the cost of medical care for illegal immigrants for one year in California. This cost does not include education, welfare and crime (more police, courts, incarceration, etc.). Arizona spends over $820 million on K-12 schooling and $1.3 billion on health care for illegals.

I would think the young people who will have to pay this increasingly huge deficit and loss of jobs would jump at the chance to cut that deficit down quickly, by deporting, not granting amnesty, to illegals. We could save trillions!

Obama says there is no way he can deport 12 million illegals, so he will just have to give them amnesty. When he gives illegals amnesty, then they will be able to bring in the rest of their families from their home country. Our costs will then double, triple, or even quadruple. If Obama is after the Hispanic votes, then he will have them.

By the way. Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower each deported between 9 to 13 million illegals to ensure jobs for U.S. citizens and returning veterans. It can be done, if we want it to be done.

My wife and I are both pushing 80, we know about working hard and paying high taxes, but our taxes are nothing compared to what yours will be.

Help yourselves now, work to get our present laws on immigration enforced. Deport illegals now.

Note: E-Verify (the system to check to make sure those applying for jobs are indeed citizens) is under attack. The administration wants it canceled as of Sept. 30. Millions of jobs being done by illegals are jobs we are shut out of.

Call your senators and representatives and let them know you want the borders closed and E-Verify to be extended.

Let’s get serious about this. If you are just starting out in life, if you don’t make this a priority, you’ll suffer the consequences of inaction for the rest of your lives.

God bless America.

M.W. Joachim


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