Humane Society Should Be Funded



Why is it that the people of Payson seem to be unable to do simple math?

For instance, regarding the budget cuts over in Parks and Rec, Bruce Wilson “completely understood the necessity with the budget situation such as it was,” and, he “supported the council’s decision in this regard.” However, he does not believe the Humane Society deserves to be funded. Why?

Well, apparently Mr. Wilson is a basketball fan and he begrudges the fact that the Town of Payson gave the Humane Society some land for a new shelter that he feels would be better used as a hard surface basketball court.

What would the Town of Payson do without the Humane Society? What do you think it would cost the taxpayers of Payson (and the rest of us up here on the Rim) if the Humane Society closed its doors?

Well, if you were to ask the town manager that question, I’ll wager she can tell you (or at least she can get back to you with the answer as soon as her crackerjack budget analyst does the math) and I will add that I believe that not having the Humane Society shelter here would cost the citizens of Payson a whole lot more than they now “contribute” through town funding to help keep it open. Wanna bet on it?

As to having “no clue” regarding the difference between animals and children, consider this: I am a father and a grandfather, and also a pet owner (a responsible pet owner I might add) and I support both children’s activities and the efforts of the Humane Society to make life better for the animals that people who are not responsible pet owners dump on their doorstep.

I am not a hunter, I despise hunting (and hunters) and I object to the neglect and abuse of animals as much as I do to the neglect and abuse of people (I do not, however, ascribe any “human characteristics” to hunters) and yes, I do “have a clue” when it comes to what is important in life, but frankly, in my mind, if a choice between a hard surface basketball court and closing the Humane Society must be made, then I reckon the children will just have to play on a soft surface.

Jim Estess


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