Payson Angler Creates New Swim Bait To Tempt Fish



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Payson angler Kirk Russell has created a new swim bait that is producing big results at Roosevelt Lake.

Every bass angler wants that perfect bait to catch that lunker largemouth which will give him a paycheck at a tournament or at least bragging rights among his friends.

Local fisherman, Kirk Russell, like many other anglers, has joined the rapidly growing number of swim bait enthusiasts who are finding bigger fish by casting soft plastic replicas of bait fish at Roosevelt Lake.

With his interest in innovation, he developed a bait that is very lifelike in the water and big bass seem to eat it with regularity. Kirk created the mold and made frequent trips to Roosevelt Lake to field test his newly engineered swim bait. With each trip he finely tuned his bait to swim a little better and be that much more lifelike in the all-important bass zone.

New baits need results and that means catching big bass. Kirk gave his baits to a number of veteran bass anglers who had immediate results on Roosevelt with some very impressive catches. Tournament fisherman Buddy Randall, has caught a number of 4- to 5-pounders on the new Russell swim bait called “Lil Chunk.” Another bass angler from Mesa landed a 7-pounder on a “Lil Chunk” in a blue back shad color.

Kirk currently has his swim bait in six different colors with bluegill and smoke shad being the most effective and in greatest demand. The “Lil Chunk” swim bait comes in two sizes with both being effective on Roosevelt Lake. The price is very reasonable with the cost ranging from $9 to $12 depending on the size and color style.

 When a bait swims just a little differently with a color that matches the food source, good results can follow. If you are interested in any further information, give him a call at (928) 951-2714.

It’s summertime, head to Roosevelt Lake for an early morning bite and enjoy God’s creation.


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