Star Valley Council May Adopt $9.3m Budget


Since its incorporation in 2005, Star Valley has seen a steady increase in its proposed budgets.

In its second year as an incorporated town, the budget was three times its first year’s budget.

The upcoming fiscal year will be no different for the town, which is budgeted to increase expenditures by 67 percent in 2009-2010 over last year.

However, this year, the town has not set aside a chunk of money to purchase a water company like it did last year. Instead, the town will put $1.7 million into the capital outlay fund, which the town’s three commissions — water and sewer, streets and roads, and floodwater task force could use on future projects determined later in the year.

The projected $9.3 million in expenses includes allocating $2.9 million in carryover funds, which the town may not spend.

The town will also put another million into a rainy day fund and start a reserve fund, which it expects to put $180,000 into throughout the year.

The rainy day fund could come into use sooner rather than later, with the town’s operating income expected to dwindle to $2.4 million, down from this year’s $2.9 million.

The drop in income is a result of declining state and local taxes and a projected slowing of photo enforcement tickets.

The town will discuss the proposed budget and possibly adopt it at Tuesday night’s council meeting at the Star Valley Baptist Church starting at 6:30 p.m.


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