Trail System Will Cause Problems



I feel I must respond to a recent sales pitch by Payson Area Trails System (PATS). This “trails” system is planning to establish a network of trails throughout Payson leading to Forest Service trails on the perimeter of town.

This definitely will not be pleasing to many residential neighborhoods. It will cause car parking problems along with foot traffic problems (and maybe horse and bicycle problems too). And who knows what else?

One of their selling points is that it will expand the tourism draw to our area! Who would want more people hiking, biking or riding through an area they have chosen to live in? Absolutely no trails should ever be established in residential areas. There are many more people who are not hikers than are. If you are at all concerned, you had better be aware of what’s happening or you might be too late and sorry and have a trail going by your house.

The transportation system includes bike trails but they are not intended for organized groups going through neighborhoods as part of an intra-town trail plan.

If there is going to be a trail system it should just be around the town perimeter where there can be real trails. Nothing through town will ever contribute to the residents’ quality of life, but will certainly detract from it.

These people were also able to get an exemption from the newly enacted animal control ordinance so they do not have to put their dogs on a leash when they are on a trail in town. With all the dog problems we’ve had through the years, this should never have been allowed.

Jack Jasper


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