Going Green With Computers


It’s a hot topic right now ... energy savings, environmental responsibility, and renewable resources. Many times, we brush over these topics —we’ll be environmentally responsible the next time we buy a car or build a house. Besides, we fill up our recycle bin every week, don’t we?

While we may not be sitting at the conference table deciding gas prices, the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan, or the feasibility of eliminating water bottles, we can make our own small contribution with our computers!

No, I’m not talking about using your computer to write Congress. I’m talking about saving energy and being environmentally responsible while using your computer. Here are a few simple things we can all do to help clean things up a bit:

Sleep mode

Many of you know how difficult it is to put your kids to bed, especially in the summertime. If only they had some sort of button ... Well, computers are a different story. When you’re done using them, simply set them to sleep or hibernate mode. No need for good night songs, no stories, no drinks of water. Just hit the button.

This simple process will save energy in a couple of different ways. Not only is the computer using less energy, it is also producing less heat. That means the air conditioner can take a break, too.

Responsible printing

We’ve all seen the funny e-mails posted on the bulletin board at work. Someone took the time to print out the exact same piece of writing that is sitting in everyone’s e-mail box. Isn’t that the point of e-mail, no need for cumbersome paper copies? At any rate, we can all do a bit better in conserving paper, ink, and bulletin board space.

Preview print jobs before you begin printing. How many times have we printed something twice because we got an unexpected result? When printing from Web pages, try cutting and pasting the relevant text and images into your word processor. That way, you can format the text to whatever size you want and avoid printing unneeded advertisements.

Computer recycling

It’s not as straightforward as crushing a soda can, but computer recycling is a great way to keep unneeded materials out of landfills. Old computers can be used by educational foundations, career development services, nonprofit organizations, or they can simply be dismantled for parts.

Bring your old computers or peripherals to Computer Problem Specialists to participate in our community recycling program. Call us at (928)-468-0000 if you have any questions.

We can all do a little to help others and promote a cleaner world. A little makes a big difference.

Daniel Taft is the senior network administrator and member/owner of Computer Problem Specialists, LLC with a degree in applied computer science. His career spans more than 20 years.


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