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Amber Rose

It’s another busy day here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona.

The kittens are showing up by the box full. And the puppies are coming in almost as fast. All the action has the adult dogs so stirred up, they just can’t relax.

We know we can be heard all over the neighborhood. We say, “The new shelter will be all indoors so no one but us will be able to hear these dogs.”

As the heat settles in, so do the flies. So we work hard at keeping these old outdoor kennels as clean as we can. Just another time when you’ll often hear us say, “When the new shelter is built…”

One of our customers today was in her nineties, and just getting into this worn out old place with its many lumps, bumps and levels was chore for her. Once she got into the office and began trying to meet the new cat of her future, she struggled again to make her way through the adoptable cats. Again we were heard saying, “When the new shelter is built, it will be so much easier to….”

The puppies are all out in the play yard, and a woman is here to introduce herself and her dog to a dog she’s considering adopting. So we have to bring in all the pups, to clear the only outdoor introduction area we have. You guessed it, “When the new shelter is built, we’ll have play areas and separate meet and greet areas.”

Lois, the legendary laundry lady, was doing laundry here today, just as she has for so many years. Up and down the stairs she goes all morning long — working hard to keep two washers and three dryers in two different buildings moving. She looks at us and says, “I hope I live long enough to get to do at least one load of laundry in that new building.” You see, in the new building we will have industrial-sized washers and dryers, and all the laundry will be delivered to, washed, dried and folded in one area.

And so the story goes. We will carry on here at “the little shelter that could” for as long as it takes. We will continue to make the best of this situation each and every day, and we will open our hearts and doors to the lost and abandoned animals from this area. Because we care. We believe that our dream of building a new facility for this community will come true. Yes, it’s been an uphill climb, but we couldn’t have made it this far, we wouldn’t have been able to save so many lives, if we weren’t believers.

If you would like to join the team of volunteers who make this dream a reality every day, give us a call at (928) 474-5590, ext. 102 and ask for Stephanie.

Remember, June is “Adopt a Shelter Animal” month. So come on down to 812 S. McLane Road and give someone a chance at a new life. Animals enrich our lives.


Rupert is a 1-year-old Lab/ Hound mix. He was turned over by his owner because he didn’t have enough time for him. He is neutered, current on his rabies vaccination and up to date on shots. Rupert knows his basic commands like “sit,” “stay” and “come.” He knows how to walk on a leash, and likes to play fetch. He gets along with other dogs and is a loyal, outgoing pup, looking to find his forever home.


Damon is a 3-year-old Lab mix. He was picked up as a stray near Midway Street. He gets along great with other dogs, and enjoys going to the play yard in the dog pack. We do suggest you bring your dogs to meet him, if you are interested in adopting this handsome guy. He was previously neutered, so we got him current on his shots so he could be ready for adoption. He is very sweet and listens very well. He has a calm personality and behaves very well. He walks well on a leash and is potty trained.


Chewey was brought to us because his owner wasn’t able to spend time with him. Being all alone, he was becoming bored with his yard and starting to plan his escape routes. He seems to be very smart and obeys basic commands. His owner informed us he is good with kids over 10, other dogs and OK with cats. Chewey will need an active family that is able to include him in their lives. He should not be kept as a yard dog but rather a family dog. Please plan on being loyal to him as this is what he plans for you. He is currently in foster, so if you are interested, we can set up an appointment with his foster mom for you to meet!


Tango is a 2-year-old Catahoula/Pit mix. He was brought in from Mesa Del as a stray. He is housebroken and has been receiving some training with walking on a leash. He is friendly and has a unique personality. He is docile and mellow, but he gets along with other dogs wonderfully and may do best in a household that has another dog. He is very sweet and waiting for you to come meet him. He is a special needs dog and will require a calm, patient household to live in.


Hi, my name is Amber Rose and I was one of 10 puppies born to Silky Rose whose picture along with my litter mates is posted on the Payson Humane Society web site.

I am 3 months old and have been fostered by a friend of Payson Humane Society for about 5 weeks, along with my brother, Jet. Boy, I could tell you a couple of stories about my experiences and the things I know how to do at such a young age!

Wow, the thing I want most besides love and attention is my food! I have learned to “sit” and “stay,” until my foster Mom says “okay.” Then, watch out. If I want a treat I have to do the same thing… sit, stay and wait until the okay is given. When I go outside after a nap or first thing in the morning, when I am told, “hurry up,” I know what to do. I am also learning “come,” so when I hear my foster Mom ring the bell, I come running, (Who knows, it might be dinner time)! I know what “off” means… anytime my toes are not supposed to be where my foster Mom says… usually when I jump up on my exercise pen or on her.

I love going for a walk on my retractable leash and get treats when I am especially good! I know how to use my doggie door and never have an accident in my exercise pen anymore. I can stay in my kennel for naps for at least a few hours now, especially when I get my Kong with puppy stuffing inside or a Bully Stick. I get along with my new friend, Olive, an adult female Corgi, and Pearl, the kitten, who I do love to cavort with.


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