Paws Members Take Care Of Dog Park, Not The Town



The people referred to as a “private group” in a recent letter are PAWS — Payson Area Woofers Society. How can anyone compare us to the YMCA? We are driven volunteer dog lovers.

Our bank account was at “0” when we approached the town council with a good idea — how about an off-leash dog park? The town offered the property. Dog lovers helped raise all the money and provided all the labor to fence off the dog park.

The town doesn’t support our efforts with money or labor, PAWS members do. Our members are out there cleaning up the park, making improvements, paying for benches and tables.

The park is a prime example of something good for the community.

Why pick on the Humane Society instead of supporting it? Do you have dogs or cats? Don’t let them get away, because the way you think, it’s OK to put them down. Doesn’t make the town council look too good. Supply the money they need. Save lives with the Humane Society.

I’m sure everyone in PAWS and in town wants the best for our children. The town of Payson’s charities and organizations do a wonderful job. But there are many of these groups. We only have one Humane Society.

Bill Witte, PAWS member since 2001


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