Some Dog Owners Not Being Held Responsible



Last week I was attacked by a pack of dogs. An animal control officer took a report. The dog owner was not asked to show proof of rabies shots for his four dogs, nor was he cited.

Because I could not identify which of the four Australian Shepherds bit me, even though they all snapped and jumped on me, the officer decided not to quarantine any of the dogs. It would be unfair to punish all the dogs for one dog’s indiscretion.

He said that it is the nature of the breed to herd and bite at the cattle’s legs to control them. It was all about appreciating the unique character of the dog.

I am an ER nurse. I’ve seen too much to appreciate the character of the dogs that have mauled patients, especially when a child is the victim.

I love to walk in the beauty of Payson’s pine country. But, when I do take the risk to go out, I am often surrounded by menacing, unleashed dogs. I have been forced to give up the privilege and freedom of walking on Payson streets because animal control is out of control here.

Dog owners are not held responsible. We are asked to give up a lot of money to support the Humane Society in order to house homeless animals. What are we doing about the homes where the pet owners are not made accountable? I’d be glad to support that cause.

I love my dog. I protect my dog by keeping her home or on a leash. I also bring her in at night so she does not join the chorus of dogs that bark constantly outside my window.

It’s great to be humane, but what about us humans?

Kathleen Kelly


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