Humane Society Is Important



Has anyone ever watched “Animal Cops” on the Animal Planet?

Do you realize how many animals in our country are brutalized, starved and tortured by us humans?

Animals at the Humane Society did not ask to come into this world and to be the property of negligent owners. They do not ask to be malnourished by their so-called owners, or mistreated by strangers. Animals big and small live in the moment, are forgiving of our misdeeds and never intentionally set out to hurt anyone except for, of course, their natural bred instinct to survive.

The Humane Society is the “savior” and a last chance for unwanted animals.

Take a look around your neighborhood and the surrounding areas, see how we humans mistreat these loving animals. I wholeheartedly support the Humane Society’s efforts toward doing all they can for these animals. We cannot compare animals to humans when it comes to dollars and cents. Animals have no voice, we must speak for them.

I personally have a houseful of animals that I care for and would take more if I could, so thank God for our Humane Society!

Let’s do our research, then maybe we can all have a more positive view of the Humane Society — its loyalty, dedication and the need for continued funding.

Palma Couch


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