Response To Harsh Words



As the judges of the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee parade, we would like to bring the following to your attention and also the attention of Sharron Skill, Payson Rodeo Reunion, Inc. entry after her harsh words were printed.

Not only did she jump to the conclusion that her group, as mentioned in detail, did not win “Spirit of May Rodeo,” but chose to accuse us of disregarding the theme of the rodeo parade, and being blind as well.

Please be advised that we did award this group the “Spirit of May Rodeo” prize, as we were very impressed with their entry; but their choice to jump to conclusions and make unkind comments about us did not impress us in the least.

Sharron, sorry you thought you lost the coveted prize, and sorry that you chose to publish such comments about us, as we acted in good faith. Had you waited just a bit longer you would have realized your mistake.

Carol and Larry Flowers,

Payson Pro Rodeo Committee


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