Stroup Quit Council Post On Sister’S Behalf

A week after resigning from the Star Valley council, Nathalie Stroup explains what drove her to leave


Star Valley Town Councilor Nathalie Stroup said she resigned last week after the town reportedly treated her sister unfairly.

Stroup said she wouldn’t stand back and watch as Town Manager and Attorney Tim Grier humiliated Town Clerk Sarah Luckie.

Grier put Luckie on 90-day probation on June 12 because she had “showed her incompetence, inefficiency, and an inability to perform her job adequately.”

However, Stroup claims Luckie had a clean personnel file and had never received any indication Grier was unsatisfied with her work.

When Luckie showed Stroup the letter on June 14, along with several other e-mails from Grier, Stroup decided to resign her seat in support of Luckie.

“My bottom line is that I am not going to stand by and let her (Luckie) be belittled by the town manager after she had three and a half perfect years,” Stroup said.

Grier said he had no comment on town personnel issues and Luckie did not return a phone call from the Roundup.

Before the incident, Stroup said she and Luckie never spoke about town issues because of a confidentiality agreement they signed when Stroup was elected because they are related.

“We held that agreement to the highest of standards and we never did talk about town business, until Sunday, June 14,” she said.

After Luckie showed Stroup the suspension letter, they began discussing what had led up to it.

Reportedly, several weeks ago, while Luckie was in the Valley attending certification class for town clerk, Grier began sending e-mails and leaving telephone messages with questions regarding the town’s budget.

“Remember, this is not her first town budget because she has been with them for three and a half years,” Stroup said.

Luckie decided to leave the training course early to return to Star Valley and help Grier.

“I saw she was really stressed out and I asked her about it and she would say it was just town stuff and leave it at that,” she said.

Then, on June 12, Grier suspended Luckie. Stroup said she was surprised Grier did not talk to Luckie first and give her a verbal warning.

“My gut tells me she was never going to make it past that 90 days,” Stroup said.

The day Luckie received the suspension notice, Stroup said no staff members at Town Hall would talk to her about it, even though they knew about it.

“She was very, very upset when she got it,” Stroup said. “She said Friday was the longest day of her life, she felt humiliated and belittled. I am just very disappointed in what has happened.”

On June 15, Luckie went in to work to pick up personal items, but did not talk to anyone or give her resignation, Stroup said.

Stroup said she is dumbfounded by Luckie’s suspension because Grier “had been singing her praises at the town council meetings as well as in both of the local newspapers.”

“Mr. Grier has an agenda. I do not know what it is, but he has one,” she said.

At a June 16 council meeting, Grier said he had no idea why either sister had resigned.

When asked if she would consider re-running for council in the future, Stroup said it was possible.


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