Apache-Sitgreaves Releases Draft Of Land Management


Springerville — The public is encouraged to look at the Working Draft Land Management Plan for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) that is now available for review. The ASNFs is in the process of revising the current land management plan written in 1987.

“It is our goal to help provide a healthy and productive forest for current and future users of the ASNFs,” Chris Knopp, forest supervisor explains.

“The 2008 Planning Rule marks a new way of planning for the national forests. The revised plan will establish desired conditions we would like the ASNFs to reflect, but it will not dictate the specific actions that will be required to get there, for example implementation of the Travel Management Rule,” Knopp said.

The working draft is an important part of the revision process as it is meant to provide a foundation for collaborative discussion and feedback in developing the Proposed Land Management Plan.

In addition, the ASNFs would like input on whether there is a need for additional wilderness areas on the ASNFs.

The working draft and associated documents are available on the ASNFs’ Web site at: http:// www.fs.fed.us/r3/asnf/plan-revision/documents.shtml. You may want to start by reading the user’s guide as it provides an overview of the working draft, user tips, and a comment form.

Comments will be most useful if received by Aug. 31.

You can obtain a printed copy or CD of the working draft by calling the ASNFs’ supervisor’s office, located in Springerville, at (928) 333-4301 or TTY at (928) 333-6292.


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