Happy Ending For Gia; Siblings Still Here





My Boy


Two Paws



Gia was the first to arrive. We had heard through the grapevine that there was a litter of 12. Yes, we’re talking again today about the litter of Lab/Pit cross puppies that we have spoken of before in this article. We speak of them often because they represent so many of the issues that lead to pet overpopulation. They were bred, we were told by the owner of the father dog, because the owner of the mother dog wondered what a cross of those two dogs’ puppies would look like. So the story goes.

We understand that five of the pups were sent to California to live with a sister who had no children and needed a family. We know nothing of their well-being or if they have been fixed or had their shots. But we do know of Gia, My Boy, Two Paws and now C.C.

We were told that C.C. is short for Chocolate Chip. She was brought in as a stray by Animal Control. She has on a beautiful, red collar and is well fed and very loving. You can tell that someone has loved her. But sadly, they didn’t love her enough to come to the shelter and reclaim her, so after 72 hours, she became ours and was spayed this week and is available for adoption.

My Boy was adopted just last week and quickly returned. The new owners already had a grown female of the same mix and, although they described him as sweet, calm, well mannered and loving, they said he “just didn’t fit in.” Gia had been adopted earlier on and returned because she had issues the owners felt they could not deal with also. But, as you can see from the letter we received from Gia’s “new” family, she is fitting in well and has a bright future ahead of her.

As for little Two Paws, who is by far the smallest and most timid of the litter, she still waits to capture someone’s heart. She has spent most of her life at HSCAZ. As with all the dogs who live here, she gets all the love the staff and volunteers can spread around, but it’s just not the same as having someplace to call home and a loving family who will care for you for the rest of your life.

We hope that you will come and meet the three remaining siblings of this family and consider opening your heart to one of them. Or perhaps one of the other many wonderful animals onsite.

We also ask that you encourage responsible pet ownership. Have your animals spayed and neutered, keep them current on all of their shots, and if you know someone who has a pet and can’t afford the surgery, have them call us at (928) 474-5590, ext. 100 or 102 or 103. We work hard to find grants to help low-income families, and may have something available.

If you would like to learn more about our organization, our animals or become one of our valuable volunteers, please look us up on the web at www.humanesocietycentralaz.org or just stop by and meet us at 812 S. McLane Road.


My Boy is an 9-month-old Lab/Pit mix. His previous owners purposely bred his parents to see what their pups would look like. Now he is here because they couldn’t afford to take care of him. He is very sweet and a bit shy. He was adopted, but returned because he was mellow and easygoing and the owners felt he didn’t fit their personalities. Sounds like good traits in a dog to me, and we hope someone else will agree and adopt him.


Two Paws is a 9-month-old Lab/Pit mix. Her story is the same as her brothers’. She can be shy and timid, but is such a sweetheart when she feels safe with you. She hadn’t received any training prior to coming here, but she has learned how to walk on a leash and sit. She still needs some help with potty training, but we’re sure someone with patience will come along and adopt her, and show her all the right things.


C.C. is a 9-month-old Labrador/Pit mix. She, like all of her siblings, is very sweet and outgoing. She loves to play and gets along great with the other dogs. She can be easygoing and will sit beside you in the car, or lie next to you on the couch, with her head in your lap. She is very intelligent, and is already learning to walk on a leash and to be potty trained, because she has never received any prior training. She does great with kids and will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family.

I wanted to take the opportunity to express the gratitude of my wife and myself to the Humane Society of Central Arizona. We adopted a perfect match for us last Saturday when we acquired Gia. My wife had been tremendously overwhelmed with the pain of losing our 18-year-old American Eskimo dog two years ago. She did not want to experience that pain again.

I knew she was ready to experience the love, companionship and loyalty of a trusted pet again. I toured the facility (I believe it was Julie) and discussed our situation. She listened to our needs and suggested some viable options. I returned later that day with my emotional wife and found the perfect match in Gia. The entire staff was very considerate and professional throughout the process. The gentleman who assisted us at the play area meeting the dogs was also great.

We have only had Gia for three days but we are 100% confident we will have her permanently. My wife cannot believe how perfect Gia is for us and how much she already loves this dog. I have already taught her numerous commands and hand signals during our twice a day walks. The only negative we have encountered so far includes some minor house training mishaps. I am confident this will be easily rectified with continued training.

It is unbelievable how comfortable and happy Gia is. It seems as if we have had her for years based on the immediate trust and happiness.

Thank you again for your tremendous staff and contribution to the community. We will continue to assist the Humane Society of Central Arizona with future donations.


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