Woes Of Payson



Fellow residents and citizens of Payson, just how much abuse are we expected to endure from the so-called “powers that be” in this town?

Our town council appears to be out of touch with and impervious to the actual needs and wants of us who seem to be forced to live as subservient subjects.

The police department comes forth as nothing more than glorified meter maids who are working traffic violations to produce income for the town of Payson. Could it be that due to lack of training and motivation to solve crimes and prevent illegal activities, they could be considered ineffective?

Other inadequacies also seem to appear in the local fire department in the existence of seeming overburdened staff and lack of proper equipment.

New zoning and consultation could add up as totally unfounded and unquestionably out of bounds fees.

When are we going to cease enduring such shabby and inexcusable treatment?

Is it not evident that it’s high time to improve upon this situation and create a more reasonable and prudent governmental entity?

Gordon Black


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