Zoning Should Not Be Changed



This is a commentary of the article covering the proposed Underwood rezoning.

Everyone who bought along Tyler Parkway from a developer was advised by law of the zoning of each development and the surrounding developments. We further have been lectured by one or two members of the planning and zoning advisory group in their meetings that these documents mean little and zoning can change anytime. Further we have been led to believe landowners who participated in original land trades got “sweetheart deals” and bought “very” well.

Our position is that if the majority of the community doesn’t want rezoning in their area, why should it be changed?

Further, more significant landowners than the Underwoods are waiting to see if a precedent is being set along Tyler Parkway. It will be much harder to disapprove a request, say from West Development, who owns 92 acres, if Underwood’s request is approved.

Sure, there are many pro-growth factions in Payson and that is fine, but let’s live within the zoning that was there when we bought our property or change it only if the majority of neighbors are for it.

Gail and Bruce Giedt


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