Cupcakes Called ‘Most Fun Thing,’ Survive School Ban Idea


Cupcakes topped Monday night’s meeting as Payson Unified School District Board members indulged in sugary-sweet irony.

Board members quickly denounced member Richard Meyer’s proposal to create a policy prohibiting anyone from “dispensing” sweets at school, and then celebrated Barbara Underwood’s birthday with miniature cupcakes after the meeting.

Underwood earlier said her granddaughter would never forgive her for banning cupcakes on birthdays.

Board member Viki Holmes agreed.

“That was the most fun thing,” she said about classroom parties where students make cupcakes for all to enjoy a special occasion.

Meyer had proposed the policy as a way to eradicate hyperactive students and help all focus more on education and less on their sugar highs.

The district has no soda machines or sugary foods on campus.

“If I can’t get anybody else enthused, I’m dropping my case,” Meyer said.

“Just to let you know, my wife and I don’t agree on this either,” he added.


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