Does America Really Want A Dictator?



Maybe a few facts will help.

For six years, George Bush cleaned up the recession caused by slick Willie Clinton, dealt with 9-11, caused by Clinton, and kept us on a path to prosperity. I will admit that he allowed Congress to spend too much of our tax dollars, without a veto.

In 2006, the left wing media lied to the people, and helped elect a leftist Democrat majority, led by Nancy Pelozi and Harry Reid. They, and BHO’s friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are responsible for the financial disaster that hit us last fall, while taking several $100s of millions in bonuses.

Since the coronation of the “messiah,” B. Hussein Obama, we have become a Marxist dictatorship overnight! He has illegally and unconstitutionally, appointed “czars,” that answer only to him to run everything! Every appointment he has made is an anti-American Marxist traitor. For example, Eric Holder, who is now the attorney general of the USA, works for a law firm that defends Gitmo Terrorists! BHO buddy, William Ayers, bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol back in the ’70s. He should have been executed for treason! He has not repented that action, and now surreptuously runs the Department of Education!

In his first 100 days, BHO has spent more of the taxpayers money, and created more debt, than all of the first 43 presidents in over 200 years combined! The USA is bankrupt, thanks to BHO! Over $3 trillion this year alone.

His health care rationing program that passed the House by one vote will destroy the best health care system in the world. He holds up Canada as a model. If you are over 55, or have cancer in Canada, forget it. You are too old and expendable! You are gonna die. Coming soon to the USSA if the Senate does not stop the madness!

Obama’s heroes are Hugo Chavez, tinhorn dictator of Venezuela, the Castro brothers, tinhorn dictators of Cuba, Kim Jong Il, tinhorn dictator of North Korea.

Now that you know the truth, do you still support the wannabe dictator? I don’t.

Dale Oestmann


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