Dog Owners Are Responsible



A walk in “The beauty of Payson’s pine country,” as was stated by Ms. Kelly, is definitely enjoyable, however, I believe it does not provide a right to access private property.

Responsibility is a two-way street in which all parties are accountable for their actions. It is not my intention to personally attack Ms. Kelly’s statement, though I feel (her letter) misled the community.

Officer Tanner required proof of rabies and quarantined all of our dogs.

No, he did not “cite the dog owners,” and to my knowledge no citation has been issued for the illegal trespass. I believe Officer Tanner performed his duties in a prompt, professional, un-biased and responsible manner.

Stating the whole truth is also a part of being responsible. The single lane, granite road is identified as a dead end, and terminates at the only entrance to our home. There are two clearly posted, “No Trespassing” signs at the end of the road on each side of our gateway.

Our dogs, generally, do not approach the driveway fence for the first 12 to 15 feet due to an electronic confinement system. Ms. Kelly, when I saw you from my office window, you were approximately 70 feet beyond the gate into our yard. As I came out to see why you were there, I offered you a ride as I thought perhaps you were lost.

You declined and stated you were looking for a shortcut. At no time during our discussion did you mention you had been bit.

Ms. Kelly, you stated, “I am often surrounded by menacing, unleashed dogs.” I’m confident this particular incident would have been avoided if trespass signage and private property laws had been respected. I hope this clarifies the incident for the community.

Wyman Kendall


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