Give Credit To Animal Lovers



I was just reading the story about the man complaining about the veterinarians in town. I feel his pain as far as being financially strapped. I am in the same boat just like so many others.

My dog Audrey had to be put to sleep today. She had kidney failure but my story is quite the opposite of his. Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez gave my dog IV fluids and medications with no upfront payment. He even sent out blood tests to the lab to confirm her illness.

He saw her on a Saturday and was concerned more for her comfort than his eventual payment. He is a true doctor. Ellie Watson from the Humane Society came to my home and called repeatedly to check on her status. When I finally had to save my beloved dog from her pain, Janet from the Humane Society sacrificed her lunch break so I could get it done quickly because I knew Audrey was miserable.

Let’s give credit to the wonderful animal lovers who make sacrifices and selflessly help on a daily basis!

Megan Byus


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