Here’S The Blame



The Republican majority in the Arizona legislature has blamed the federal government for many problems in the past that it has been unable or unwilling to solve. Over the past number of years, this same majority in the legislature has delighted in blaming former Gov. Janet Napolitano for problems they were unable or unwilling to confront and solve.

Now, the Republican majority in the legislature is blaming their own current Republican governor, Jan Brewer, for the problems Arizona faces and the budgetary problems they are unable to address. The leaders in the Republican legislature won’t even submit budget bills to the governor even though the state faces a shutdown in 10 days if a state budget isn’t approved.

Does anyone see a pattern with this “blame game”? The Republican majority in the legislature needs to be retired in subsequent elections and a more moderate, thoughtful, and empathetic group of lawmakers elected to fill their incompetent void.

Richard K. Meszar


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