Humans Should Come Before Animals



$50,000 is needed for the Humane Society so they can continue their mission of providing shelter, health care, neutering and treatment for animals. But a no-kill shelter only perpetuates an already serious problem with animal overpopulation.

My pets have all been from a shelter. But, we are asked to support the no-kill policy by adopting as many pets as we can. Some people in my neighborhood have more than six dogs and assorted cats, adopted because they looked cute and helpless in the Humane Society.

The newness and cuteness seems to wear off and they end up unfed, running free , and uncared for. That’s what I call cruelty to animals, and a health and safety hazard to the citizens of Payson.

Our animal control officer has argued that they would have to transport animals to Globe daily to be euthanized by the county and the cost of doing this would make the $50,000 currently being asked for a mere pittance!

Maybe this is the issue we should look at. I spoke to several people right here in Payson who would volunteer to do it for a whole lot less. My veterinarian charges anywhere from $150 to $200 to euthanize pets. You can have your dog cremated for $350 to $500 depending on the decorative urn you choose. I’m thinking of working out something with the veterinary clinic for when I die. I haven’t checked with the local taxidermist yet. But aren’t we getting a little ridiculous here?

I’m all for financing the Humane Society. But I don’t support paying my taxes for a $35,000 toilet in the White House or trips to Argentina for a governor to see his mistress. Again, I say, it’s great to be humane, but what about us humans?

Kathleen Kelly


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