Legislature Needs To Do Its Job Better



There has been so much indecision by our legislature, we have no idea what to expect in the coming days. There have been snippets of information about what they have passed or rejected, but until the legislature and governor get together, we are left to wonder what has been going on for this whole session.

We have been informed that there are two issues passed by the House and the Senate that will be referred to the 2010 ballot. One is a medical choice issue that allows Arizonans the right to pay for medical services as they see fit and prevents us from being forced into government-run health programs. The other is to ban the practice of affirmative action and preferred treatment by sex, race or ethnicity.

Both of these issues seem over-due and it is hard to imagine that the legislature couldn’t find a way to pass them, but since they didn’t, at least we can vote for them.

One wonders why we need to elect these folks if they are so reluctant to do their job.

Amanda Peters


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