End The Monopoly



When a monopoly is acquired by either a person or by a group of people, the general public seldom benefits. Debate, discussion and dissent are lacking because the majority person/group shuns input from the minority. Such is the case in our Arizona state government at this point in time.

Our governor, our state Senate and our state House are all controlled by one political party. They not only don’t seek input from others not affiliated with their views, they actually discourage legitimate and sometimes valuable ideas from “opponents” simply because they aren’t a member of their political persuasion.

Our state is in a financial crisis and any idea from any person or group of people should be encouraged and considered.

The obvious way to eradicate the monopoly that the current party has in our state government is to vote for different party for governor and/or the state Senate and House in the 2009 and 2010 elections.

After all, our state can’t afford to have its education (Payson USD), health care, parks (Tonto Natural Bridge), social, and transportation services decimated financially via one-party rule and arrogance.

Richard K. Meszar


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