Young School District Needs To Avail Itself Of State, Federal Money



In the issue of Feb. 24, Suzanne Jacobson reported: “Last year, forest-rich districts with small enrollment received the most money. Young, with 57 students and the highest number of forest acreage in the county — 30 percent — was awarded the largest allotment under the old, forest acreage-based formula.”

Although dollar amounts awarded for both years were reported for most districts in the county, not another word was mentioned about how much the Young School District received either last year or this year, information I am certain your readers in the Young district would like to know.

While it is true that the Young district has the lowest enrollment in the county for a K-12 school, the enrollment has fluctuated from more than 100 students to just over 50 in the last 10 years, our remote location requires local, full-service education as time and distance for transporting students to another location does not allow this alternative. Also, the district has a relatively small tax base and a relatively high tax rate partially due to a very small business community. These facts make it imperative that the Young School District avail itself of any federal, state or grant revenue available to supplement its budget.

Gerry McEwen


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