Fee For Off-Road Vehicles Was Just Another Government Scam



I see the government has managed to pull another scam on the public.

This time it’s the off-roaders. They got us to go along with a $25 dollar fee to be able to use our off-road vehicles, which, I might add, I was in complete agreement with. I would have been willing to pay twice as much to be able to go out and enjoy the forests and all the wildlife that I see.

I don’t destroy anything, I take pictures. What will they do with all that extra money they are collecting from us? They certainly won’t need it to maintain what we aren’t allowed to use anymore.

Here in America, the land of the free, they will ask for our comments, to make us think that they care, and then they will do what they want.

Why did they wait to tell us about the closures until after we went along with the new fees? Looks like another scam to me.

Anthony Daura


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