Full Disclosure Will Better Serve Pine-Strawberry Taxpayers



As a resident of Pine, I have several comments about the issues concerning the Economist.com report supported by PSWID, and the areas of concern highlighted by Mr. Sam Schwalm.

Obviously, whether you are for or against the purchase of the two water companies, all people can agree that the information presented and made available to the public should be accurate.

Given the amount of doubt that now exists about the Economists.com report, the PSWID board should be open to listening to these issues. By simply having an accurate report it will allow the board to make better decisions, and for the public to have more trust in those decisions.

It would seem to me that by coming to an agreement on the report, it would improve the level of discourse that the two sides have over these issues. We, the taxpayers, will be better served with full disclosure and therefore able to ascertain what the cost will be to us as water users.

Pamela Mason


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