In Politics, Truth Is Stranger Than Satire


“My Horseback Opinion” was originally intended to contain a considerable amount of political satire, but I have encountered a slight problem. Truth is stranger than fiction, and in today’s political climate, truth is stranger than satire. I fear that when I write satire, folks will think it is the truth and vice versa.

For instance, no matter how outlandish a joke I make about Obama most of his backers will not only believe it, but they will defend whatever action I attribute to him.

The only problem candidate Obama had, other than his wife’s wardrobe, was that all his friends seemed to be a bubble off plumb. We couldn’t turn the on the boob tube without seeing the blasphemy-blasting bigot, Jeremiah Wright — the mad bomber, Bill Ayers, or some other zealot, looney-tune, Obama-backer with a rage problem.

Even though Obama seemed to be surrounded with friends of questionable principles, most of us expected that if he became president, he would look for individuals with some degree of integrity to fill his appointed positions. But, if he did, he couldn’t find any because when I write what I believe to be the total truth, it comes off like satire.

For instance, what if I were to claim “the Obama/Pelosi stimulus package set aside millions for prostitute and Marsh Mouse habitat.” Absurd? Yes! Satire? No, that’s part of the package.

If I say “we have a president who appointed as treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, a ninny who forgot to pay his income taxes for the last five years,” how is any uninformed individual supposed to know if that is truth or satire? And if I go on to write that “health and human services nominee Tom Daschle withdrew his name over unpaid taxes and proposed chief performance officer, Nancy Killifer, also withdrew because of similar problems.” Who is going to believe that?

Wasn’t Obama the candidate who promised us transparency in government?

So, if I go on and mention that “Obama’s first pick for secretary of commerce — New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson — took himself out of contention because of his involvement in an alleged pay-to-play scheme,” is that satire?

Now, add this to Obama’s collection of political clutter. Anyone that is not deaf, dumb and stupid knows that Congress has passed a “stimulus” bill that no one in Congress had time to read, much less study. We were told this simply had to be done because it was an “emergency measure,” there was no time to wait, so they ran it through Congress like a black horse on a dark night.

Obama was in such a hurry to have the bill go into effect, he went flying back to Illinois to play basketball with some kids, because he was already “tired of being president.”

There are a few more of us that have had a belly full of him, too.

Anyhow, he fiddled around for five days before signing the 1071-page document into law. This while Nancy Pelosi and seven of her cronies flew off to Italy, at taxpayers’ expense, to celebrate the bill’s passage. If they had five days to play, they had five days to study the bill, pull out some of the more ridiculous measures, and maybe add something that might actually help the economy.

It is pretty obvious the congressmen and the president just wanted to get something passed and didn’t care to use up any of their play time improving it. Their actions were totally “irresponsible.”

This puts me in mind of the irresponsible bureaucrat who was driving along the boulevard and came to a bad wreck. He knew from past experience when the sheriff got there he would ask some questions so the bureaucrat pulled out his tablet and started making notes.

The first thing he saw was a pickup in a ditch. With pen in hand he wrote, “Pickup in ditch.”

A ways up the road he found a second pickup in the ditch so he added to his notes “Found second pickup, also in ditch.”

He figured he had done about all he could do until he spotted a human butt in the middle of the boulevard. Again he pulled out his pen and added to the notes, “Found butt on — buv — bull … Now how do you spell … ? Oh, hell,” he swore and kicked the butt into the ditch. “Found butt in ditch,” he wrote.

How long will the American people tolerate an administration that continually kicks their butt into the ditch?

Como Siempré, Jinx


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