Congratulations To Jinx Pyle And The Roundup



First I want to congratulate both you and Jinx Pyle for getting together and providing us with his outstanding writings of Western and local lore laced with a down home sense of humor. As most of us know, Jinx and his wife Jayne are successful writers and have both published a number of books.

His column in the March 6 Roundup certainly exhibited his ability to present that indeed “Truth can be stranger than fiction.” Under the Obama administration, this is being illustrated on a daily basis. Then in the Roundup of March 10 the local anticipated attack on the First Amendment came to Payson.

This attack was started by the Obama machine trying to muzzle the press from asking unpleasant questions and talk radio when commenting on the administration’s social(istic) and financial policies.

Locally it attempts to stop Jinx from just pointing out the obvious. Does this attack put Jinx in the same class as Rush Limbaugh? It looks that way to me, good company there Jinx. The next attacks on our freedoms both from Washington and locally will probably be against the Second Amendment.

The right of the private citizen to bear arms is what protects us from the federal government violating the most important First Amendment. Again, congratulations to the Roundup and Jinx Pyle and may you both continue informing and entertaining us in the future.

Jim Skinner


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