Established Zoning Should Not Be Compromised



Recently I attended a Star Valley Planning and Zoning meeting.

They were deciding on an application for a conditional use permit and stated that the zoning did not specify that this was not a permitted use.

The intent and purpose of the SR District is to preserve the beneficial aspects of rural living for low density single family residential development with minimal commercial activity. It specifically lists 10 “home occupation” that are acceptable when conducted within the residence or other fully enclosed structures. A dog boarding kennel is not one of the 10.

How can a dog boarding kennel be considered a “home occupation” when it will have outdoor kennels and runs?

How can a boarding kennel for large dogs guarantee that it may be operated in such a manner as to create a minimum disruption to the neighborhood in terms of noise. This is a commercial business.

There were 40 signatures of neighbors affixed to a letter of rejection, yet the board said only the people who bordered the property in question would be considered and there were only three because the lots are all a minimum of one acre.

They did require that the applicant erect a fence, but one member suggested that the bordering neighbors help pay for it because they would benefit from it. I never heard such idiotic stupidity.

Also, the applicant has no vested interest in the property, but lives with the person who has only owned the property for a few years.

After a pervious meeting where the board unanimously agreed to deny the application, they now unanimously approved it because they should not deny a person from trying to make a living given the economic condition of our country.

Where does that leave all of us who have lived here for 10 to 40 years. I was content living in the county where we had police protection, snow removal and our zoning was upheld. I deeply regret having been forced to live in an incorporated area.

Lynn Andrew

Star Valley


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