Fishing Is Great At Roosevelt, Alamo


Roosevelt, Alamo and San Carlos are hot spots with some anglers catching impressive numbers. If you are a bass or crappie angler, you don’t need to read any more. Just go.

It’s that topsy-turvy time of year when there can be an on-again, off-again bite for warmwater fish —the water temperatures are rising, but are still below optimum, which means weather disturbances such as high winds can alter the action.

The spring equinox is heading our way on March 20. It won’t be long before the days are longer than the nights. This is the leading edge of the great spring fishing. Plus this is shaping up to be a terrific year for all sport-fish action.

Right now, expect some bass to be staging for the spawn in the warmwater lakes. Staging bass can often be found off the major points on the outside of the coves, secondary points inside the coves, and submerged creeks, rivers, ravines or arroyos (fish highways) leading into the coves.

Sometimes the edges of the large flats will hold staging bass. Mostly keep your presentations slow, but every once in awhile, speed things up (like burning a spinnerbait or fast reeling a crank) and try for a reaction bite. Definitely check the backs of shallow coves for bedding bass. It is the male that guards the nests, so when you find one, work your lures in the surrounding area for the larger females.

But don’t ignore the deeper spots that have been productive during winter — a lot of the sport-fish will still be holding deep. It’s kind of like people doing their taxes early versus the few days preceding April 15 — we haven’t reached the point when there is a mass fish exodus to the spawning beds.

Female crappies are full of eggs and should start spawning in the next couple of weeks or so at most lakes. Alamo often has the earliest spawn if inflows don’t disrupt things.

Alamo is a hot spot for bass and crappie. The inflows and outflows have subsided, so the action is heating up. Crappie anglers need only look for the crappie flotilla on the east end and join it. This large bowl-like lake is not the place to be when the winds pick up. It sounds like there are a lot of weekend tournaments at this lake as well this spring.

Many say Roosevelt is on fire, while some are having trouble catching fish. Both may be true at any given moment depending on where you are on this super-large lake that is full of forage fish, nutrients and expectations. But guaranteed — some anglers are catching large numbers of bass. Rosey is one of the best choices to fish at any given time, and routinely has the potential to provide you great action. On any given day, it might be the best in the West. Besides, at this historic full level, all anglers should strive to experience this lake just for future gab sessions around the campfire.

The reports from anglers visiting San Carlos near Globe are mostly terrific, with 100-plus boats a day out there angling for the speckled slabbers. The San Carlos Apache Tribe has jurisdiction there, so be sure to adhere to their regulations and fees.


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