Annual Christopher Creek Pajama Party Attracted 20 Women


Friday was the annual Ladies Pajama Party in Christopher Creek. This year 20 women showed up in their favorite pajamas with their funny slippers and brought along their favorite potluck to share. These pajama parties started back in 1995. Sonny Hunt used to host them in her trailer that was first at Wheeler’s park then at Olive Matus’ park. Sonny remembers doing all the cooking. She said she would make a big pot of spaghetti sauce and garlic bread. Over the years the party grew and then it was better for everyone to bring a dish. We had so much delicious food; you could eat all night long and never fill up. All the fun was at Karen Thornton’s home on Columbine Road as it has been for the last several years. There was a lot of fun that evening with a lot of pictures taken and a lot of stories told. Those that attended this fun event were host Karen Thornton, Shirley Horn, Rhea Hoedle, Ellen Fitzgerald, Nancy Olson, Ricki Aiken, Debra Farrell, Marcia Dalessardro, Margo Holmes Fish, Susan Keown, Katherine Daugherty, Carol Hiscox, Anne Marie Drown, Sonny Hunt, Kelly O’Neil, Judy Toole, Sally Tharp, Sam Conklin, Doris Billings and yours truly. This was the first year I made it in the picture thanks to Debra Farrell for having a wonderful camera that takes timed pictures. The fun part of the night was checking out all the neat looking pajamas and the funny slippers some of the ladies were wearing. I think Sam Conklin had the funniest because she was all decked out for St. Patrick’s Day with lucky charm PJs and St. Paddy’s Day headgear. Best slippers went to Karen Thornton with her diva slippers, Katherine Daugherty with her mallard duck slippers and Sonny Hunt with her Sylvester slippers. Funny pajamas went to Susan Keown who wore both summer and winter PJs. She had her winter snowflakes on and her summer Dickies over her winter ones. I guess you could say, she was covered. Debra Farrell did a nice job with her leopard attire right up to her hat, which was also leopard. Carol Hiscox wore her designer PJs from Peggy’s Place. The ladies all got to wear Mardi Gras beads thanks to Ellen Fitzgerald who brought a ton of them back from New Orleans. So, we were all decked out in our PJs, slippers and beads, and all ready to head up to Creekside Steakhouse to listen to Bud light John who was doing the karaoke. He made us feel very comfortable because he was wearing his bunny slippers. We had a ball and the people who were in there said they wished they knew about it ahead of time so they could have also worn their pajamas. It was a really fun night and good to see some old friends who came up for the annual event, Sally Tharp who has now headed back to Iowa, Sam Conklin who I think was headed for Tucson and Doris Billings who went back to Fountain Hills. They are always missed here in Christopher Creek. This annual event is so much fun that the ladies can’t wait until next year. Ralph and Dottie Christofferson of Hunter Creek were vacationing down in Puerto Vallarta and missed the birth of their new grand baby. Their son Kyle and his wife Andrea’s baby came early while the grandparents were away. They were on a cruise when they received a text message that Lilly Moeller was born on the evening of March 12. Dottie said all she could think of, was “I missed the big event and get me off this ship!” It seemed like it took an eternity to get home, but they were finally able to meet their new grand baby, and now she is officially “Granny Dottie.” It is getting warm and it is that time of year for the bees. Do you have honey bees and want to get rid of them? Call the beekeeper. And in this area you would want to call Jerry Fisher, he is the best beekeeper around and he will get rid of your bees and nest without having to kill them. You can reach him at (928) 478-4384. Birthdays PJ Hidde of C Canyon will be adding another candle to her cake March 23. Rowland Davis of Hunter Creek will celebrate on March 24 and Sandy Hegenderfer of Mountain Meadows Cabins will be adding another candle to her cake March 27. Happy birthday to you all.


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