Edwards Spreading His Propaganda



So, Bob Edwards, you are out there again spreading your “no-growth” propaganda to our great town of Payson.

You belong to the “I’ve got mine, we don’t want any more people coming to Payson” club. You were the mayor once and I am sure you rejoiced when the stores began closing and business people left town. If ASU is serious about coming to Payson you will most likely start downplaying the event by saying “we don’t need a lot of young people hanging around the street corners”!

That’s right Bob, they would spend money in the stores and restaurants and help the merchants recover from your past “no-growth” policies. Wouldn’t that be too bad! Keep talking Mr. Edwards, more and more voters will understand where you really come from. Thank goodness we have a man like Kenny Evans and a sincere council who make decisions to benefit us all!

Doug Silver


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