People Missing The Picture



The animosity is so pungent, the entire Rim Country stinks.

I never could have imagined that a small town would be worse to endure than high school. Everyone is so concerned with who’s doing what, what’s in it for them, and who am I going to take advantage of next that you guys miss the picture.

When you decide to move to the wilderness, expect a few critters here and there. If a skunk crawls under your house, you get rid of it, simple as that.

If kids are running amok on your property, scare them off. If you see someone’s dog poop and them walk away, chase that person down and tell them to pick it up.

I don’t know when people in Payson started expecting life to be on a silver platter, but it really skews the depiction of small town, friendly life. I guess when the pioneers decided to found Payson they didn’t want to instill trust, loyalty, honor or values.

By the way, your children are watching and learning your malicious ways and that terrifies me more because they are all of our futures.

Amanda Stroup


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