The Big Cap And Trade Scam



This cap and trade scam was formed in part by goofy Gore and Associates. It all started when Gore was a presidential VP. It consists of any source which can produce greenhouse gas. This includes all energy sources, agricultural, animals, mining, etc.

Dairy cattle and ranch cattle are even being considered.

Cows are known to be considered one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gas. The cap and trade on cattle are proposed at $175/cow, $125/horse and $50/hog.

This is no bull. Example: let’s say a small-dairy farmer has 50 cows. The owner will be taxed $175 per cow, so $175x50 per year equals $13,125 plus any horses or hogs he may own.

Can you understand what this will do to the cost of our dairy products?

All this cap and trade will do is cost us one huge bundle and this cost will only be passed on to the public.

This is nothing more than a tax scam that Obama is using to fund his outrageous spending program.

This tax scam will affect all people — rich and middle class — and it will be a disaster for the poor. All people will be affected because anything one purchases will involve cap and trade — oil, gas, coal, food, meats and all kinds of things the enviro/wackos want to include since they have control of our country.

Global Warming (now Climate Change) is all part of this, the world’s biggest fraud and scam. Gore and Associates got this scam idea from GB and its supposed horror story of what greenhouse gas will do to our world, if we don’t submit.

The great W.C. Fields, along with other men of his time, said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” It appears that there were a lot of suckers at the last election.

Obama reminds me of Christopher Columbus, he started out not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he didn’t know where he was, and when he returned to Spain, he didn’t know where he had been.

Ed Welge


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