California Leads In Green Technology Patents


Editor: Marlla and I moved from La Mesa, Calif. November 2000 to Payson and returned to Redlands, Calif. July 2004, to be near our children, siblings and their families. The four years in Payson were among the best in our life. Through the Payson Roundup Web newspaper, we have maintained our connection. That said, I read a bitter letter to the editor from Mr. Ed Welge, relating to California’s environmental laws. In summary, Mr. Welge, with prejudice, subjectively questions California’s “stupid enviro laws preventing progress, loss of well-paying jobs, in the enviro/wacko state.” I made a decision to research the outlandish allegations. Here are my conclusions. California has determined green growth is good for both the environment and the economy. The pay-off has been Californians now pay lower residential power bills than residents of most states. A UC Berkeley study indicates more than 1 million California jobs have been created by its enviro regulations. Stanford University’s “Next 10” research group stated the number of “green” California jobs (solar installers, manufacturers, etc.) jumped 10 percent between 2005 and 2007, while statewide job growth was only 1 percent for the same period. California leads in green-technology patents and venture capitalists, that will bring rich dividends to Californians in years to come. I was pleased with my objective research and still miss Payson and our friends. Gene Hinds Redlands, Calif.


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