Town Needs An Ordinance To Control Cats



I have lived here for 16 years and (I am) getting really angry that this town does not have an ordinance (licenses) to keep neighbors’ cats out of neighbors’ yards using them as a litter box.

I have planted daffodils and iris that I spent a lot of money for, only to have their cats dig them up.

These are not feral cats, they are my neighbors’ cats, I know this because I see them and chase them away back home across the street.

There is a neighbor right next door that has the very same problem, and I’m sure there are many more neighbors that have the same problem in the town of Payson.

A lot of people in this town feel the same way.

Please put this in your editorial, as it may help to do something about this problem. (Other states have a license for cats), so cats cannot destroy their neighbors’ property.

Connie Swanson


Mike McLaughlin 7 years, 9 months ago

If you have a problem with your neighbors cats why not talk to your neighbor? The cat won't know any difference with or without a license! Do you even know your neighbors name?


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